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I am Bissy Silbi. On this website Lovely Essays, I just want to share with you many things that I have seen, heard, and understood from my own experiences, learned from others, and learned from books. I believe that everyone will like this website called Lovely Essays. Essays are a part of our daily life because they allow us to express our feelings, thoughts, and opinions about the world around us. Apart from making us better writers, essay writing improves our communication skills and broadens our knowledge base. Lovely Essays includes essays on almost every topic.

Essay writing is an art. This art, like most good things or qualities, does not come overnight. Essays are an efficient means of sharing thoughts and feelings. Schools require students to write essays on common topics, and this is a good exercise that helps students develop their writing skills. Besides schoolwork, students should also have a habit of writing on different subjects periodically, so that they can slowly and steadily improve their writing skills.  The benefits of essay writing are numerous. 

Writing essays by students provides them with an opportunity to practice transferrable skills throughout their education and career.   For instance, people develop reading and writing skills, the ability to think, organize ideas, and the capability to communicate effectively. Although there are many types of essays, they are often grouped into four categories: Descriptive essays, expository essays, narrative essays, and argumentative essays. Here you will find essays written in Malayalam and English. A good essay helps us develop our own style and logical thinking. Children and adults alike can benefit from this collection of essays, Lovely Essays.