You are currently viewing What does a woman want most in her life?
What does a woman want most in her life?

What does a woman want most in her life?

The king who had to marry the witch

What does a woman want most in her life?
What does a woman want most in her life?

Who set a boundary on the aspirations of women?

What is Freedom

What does a woman want most in her life?

A woman’s true beauty is revealed only when she lives according to her own likes and desires

 Do not abuse freedom

  • We are discussing what a woman wants most in her life.
  • We are talking about women’s freedom.
  • Freedom should not be misinterpreted and everyone should have a clear understanding of its use and abuse.
  • Women’s freedom and women’s rights are words that are used very freely by everyone today.
  • But it is doubtful whether people including women understand the real significance and meaning of these terms.
  • Don’t think that freedom means anyone can do anything and take any action without questioning.
  • Freedom should not be misinterpreted as a license to do whatever one feels like.
  • The world is now becoming intoxicated with freedom.
  • It is crucial to maintain a balanced approach towards freedom and avoid it becoming an addiction.
  • Many women feel that their freedom is being checked or threatened when they are restricted about how they dress, or condemned when they go out inappropriately.
  • An important thing to be understood by those who preach fiercely about women‘s freedom is that in life she also has to fulfill duties and obligations to many people.
  • Don’t forget that women, like everyone else, have duties to perform and responsibilities to shoulder.
  • When women desire and claim absolute freedom in terms of freedom of action they must understand that others may take a similar position and claim similar status.
  • And the result will be sometimes universal chaos.
  • A woman can act as she pleases as long as her actions do not interfere with the actions or duties of others or harm others.
  • There is nothing wrong with a woman resting scantily clad in her bedroom or lying stretched out on the floor of the hall of her own house.
  • But a woman claiming a similar action on the public highway in the name of freedom would be considered worse than midsummer madness.
  • Everyone should understand that individual or private liberty ends where public interest begins.
  • Although freedom of dress is indeed a right of everyone, it is always good for the dignity of women to choose appropriate clothes according to each place and occasion.
  • They don’t have to wear whatever clothes they like everywhere, thinking that they have freedom.
  • For instance, the attire appropriate for attending a wedding differs from the attire suitable for a funeral.
  • Each outfit is more acceptable when worn in the most appropriate situation.
  • Although it can be argued that it is their freedom of dress to wear clothes that reveal their body, women should dress modestly.
  • Be it women or men, don’t wear clothes without being conscious of the surroundings, thinking that there is freedom of dress.
  • The beauty of women does not lie in flaunting their bodies; rather, it stems from their courage to express themselves confidently and persuasively, and their ability to wield power through their words, this is what truly enhances a woman’s beauty.
  • Women must comprehend that sometimes freedom does not grant permission to behave solely based on personal desires.
  • The freedom of action or speech which we consider our right should not interfere with the freedom of others.
  • Freedom should lead everyone to discipline and also make everyone realize that others have equal rights just like me.
  • When that is the case, freedom has the potential to create universal peace, in addition to self-satisfaction.
  • In this particular condition, no utterance made by an individual causes harm to women or any other individuals, and no deed disrupts the actions of others.
  • In short, if freedom is used well, moral values ​​will be more respected and valued and our world will become a more beautiful place to live.
  • It is important to prevent freedom from turning into an unhealthy dependency.

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