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Impact of superstition on society

If anyone asked what superstition is, it seems that it is not easy to give a definition in a single word or sentence. But superstition generally means belief in supernatural powers or a practice based on such belief. For example, the ability to influence unpredictable factors, such as fate, or believing in superstitions such as omens, lucky symbols, fortune-telling, and beliefs regarding spirits can often be described as superstitions. A superstition is a belief that an uncivilized society considers irrational or supernatural. Such beliefs that are contrary to natural science and logic can sometimes be part of a culture or individual. Cultural traditions and personal experiences often contribute to superstitions.

We are proud to say that we are number one in science, rationality, and education, but it is shameful that we are number one in superstitious beliefs also. Rich countries are rich not because of performing pujas, the rich people there have earned money, not because of human sacrifices, but because of hard work by using science and getting involved in the field of production. It is unfortunate that at least some people believe that pooja and sacrifices can bring prosperity. It is a very sad thing that despite the progress of science, we are still slaves to superstitions. What are the impacts of superstition on society

Impacts of superstition on society

Why do people become addicted to superstitions?

There are many reasons why superstitions are ingrained in society. There are many types of superstitions. Some superstitions actually don’t do much harm. But sometimes certain superstitions can have a decisive impact on our lives and influence our choices. Many superstitions are embedded in society as part of religion, culture, or tradition.  There are people at all times and in almost all countries who face various privations and challenges in their lives. Most of them are believers in God. And they firmly believe that God will make a difference in their misery. Before them come advertisements of miraculous cures and various money-attracting scams. Naturally, they fall into it. It is not easy to separate the boundaries between belief and superstition. It is not easy to define where faith begins and ends, where superstition begins, and what is the difference between faith and superstition.

  • In a feudal society, superstitions have hiding places.
  • The greed for money, the desire to make money at any cost, as well as the capitalist globalization policy that promotes money at any cost, all encourage superstitious tendencies.
  • The weak-minded are mostly victims of superstitions and related frauds.
  • It is understood that a good percentage of women are addicted to superstition.
  • New media is also causing people to be attracted to the path of superstition, knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Superstitions are basically created by the weaknesses existing in our social system.
  • Feudal values ​​and thoughts create a situation that leads man to a world of superstitions and customs.
  • Globalization policies are deceiving people by showing them shortcuts to get rich very easily.

Common superstitions in our society

Is thirteen a bad number?

There are some superstitions that are commonly seen or believed in society. One of the most important of these is the fear of the number 13. A common belief is that thirteen is an unlucky number. When the 13th and Friday come together, many people are afraid to go out at night. Similarly, there are many people who believe that the 13th day is not good for any auspicious things.

If you see a black cat on your way

Suppose we are going on a trip. While going like that, a black cat unexpectedly crosses the road in front of us. There are those who consider it an inauspicious sign. There will be a feeling that what we have come down with will not be a success or there will be some mishaps and our minds will be troubled. Thinking that something bad is about to happen, the mind gets disturbed and sometimes bad things happen.

Will the guests come if the crow cries?

If crows caw Ka, Ka, guests will come that day. Actually, we don’t know who said it, but there is such a belief in many places.

  • There are those who believe that it is a sign of bad luck if a mirror or glass falls from one’s hand and breaks.
  • Another superstition is that if there is scratching on your palm, i.e. the inside of your hand, it means that a lot of money is coming your way.
  • There is a belief that if a grasshopper lands on our hand or body, then a lot of money will be received soon.
  • Three people should not set out on something, if so, it will not be effective.
  • If you wear certain colored clothes, success is guaranteed.
  • If you visit some places, you will achieve your goals.
  • Do not cut your nails and hair after sunset.
  • In order to prevent evil eyes and unfortunate accidents, apply a big spot with kajal on the newborn’s forehead or cheek.
  • Certain dates are better for certain things.
  • No one should call from behind after getting off to go somewhere.
  • When going on a journey somewhere, some omens are good i.e. the purpose of the journey will be fulfilled.
  • But some omens will defeat the purpose of the journey.
  • If you see a single mynah bird, it is bad luck, if you see two, it is good luck, if you see 6 mynah birds you will get money immediately.
  • It is considered auspicious to add one- rupee coin to the amount you intend to give on occasions of giving money as a gift.
  • After marriage, the bride should step into the house with her right foot.
  • Do not wash clothes or clean the house after sunset.
  • If you sit on the steps in the doorway, prosperity will be hindered.
  • Do not make money transactions after lighting the lamp in the evening.

All the above are superstitions that have been believed in many countries for ages and remain a custom. Ignorance, irrational fear, a belief in the unknown, and a belief in magic are what drive the above superstitions. The belief that some events or things will bring good luck while others will bring bad luck makes many people superstitious. Everyone wants prosperity and wealth and many others take advantage of this desire in various ways. Human sacrifice is the most pathetic and diabolical level of superstition. Human sacrifice, which has been in the news recently, exposes the intensity of superstition. What prosperity is a man going to get by killing a man, not prosperity and riches, he is going to get jail time and disgrace.

When superstitions become cruel and diabolical

When superstitions become cruel and diabolical, they threaten human life. Human sacrifices are proof of how much blind faith can make man vile, conscienceless, and criminal. The news is so terrifying that the blood freezes upon hearing it. Unheard events are happening. The ancient evil of killing a man for the sake of God, wealth, and prosperity, in this modern age, we who pride ourselves on being at the forefront of education and being literate, have to hang our heads in shame. We thought that nothing like this would happen here, but we are shocked to hear the news of the human sacrifice. Modern society can only look with shame at the fact that in our state, which is far ahead in literacy and scientific thinking, there is a large section of people who are living with superstitions.

Animals will sue for defamation if it is said to be animalistic. I doubt it would be much less if I say terrible. To say demonic would be an insult to the devils. What is being said is about the superstitions taking place in our country and the murders that are happening in connection with it. Human beings are shocked to hear the news of human sacrifice for wealth. To describe the intensity of that shock, there are no words in the dictionary. What kind of scams is taking place here on a daily basis? If we take a look around, we can see what kind of advertisements scammers have in store for us. ‘Approach for financial prosperity and gain, ‘chains to attract wealth’, and so what. Some superstitious people who claim to be educated, believe in these advertisements and buy these things at unfair prices.

A human sacrifice is a sacrificial act that can only be done by those with a frozen conscience. What can we understand from these things going on in society today? Lust for money makes man unman. When they say that we can make money quickly, most of us believe it. Even today there are those among us who believe that wealth comes through magic. They will not hesitate to do any atrocity for this. A man who is greedy for money, if someone tells him that he will be rich if he performs human sacrifice, he even becomes selfish to do it.

Impacts of superstition on society

How to get rid of superstitious beliefs?

Even when we are proud of being literate, the question arises whether we are still in primitive times in terms of science. We just have to fight against superstitions. All sword bearers must stop being ‘Velichappadu‘. When selfishness, greed, cruelty, and superstition combine, anything can happen in human minds and society. Beyond pondering over the causes of superstition and trying to find a root cause, one should think about what can be done urgently.

  • Only education can eradicate superstitions from society or bring change in superstitions
  • Education improves knowledge, intelligence, and reasoning ability.
  • Hence, educated people are less likely to have superstitions, although there are exceptions.
  • Not only that, but educated people can also make others aware of such malpractice by example.
  • The national revival movements must fight hard to eradicate such practices.
  • All interference that undermines social reform must be rejected because in a feudal society there are hiding places for superstitions.
  • It should be understood that wealth is created by applying scientific achievements in the field of production and not by magic.
  • Interventions that incorporate scientific thinking into a life perspective need to be further developed.
  • Projects to raise awareness of science need to gain momentum.
  • Don’t miss the growing acceptance of unscientific beliefs based on faith in society.
  • It is not enough to have scientific awareness it should also be followed in life.
  • Superstitions cannot be curbed by law alone.
  • Existing laws will be strictly enforced and new ones may be introduced if necessary.
  • The entire society should stand together to advance cultural excellence further.
  • It is not enough to teach science it is also important to apply it in life.
  • Scientific thinking should be widely disseminated and the need for dissemination should be discussed further.
  • All sections must work together to develop scientific thinking and eliminate superstitions and bad practices, which means that a united movement of all people is essential.
  • A great movement needs to be united and formed against superstitions.
  • Mass movement and awareness should rise against superstitions.
  • The rituals of any religion must be modified according to the times.
  • To uproot superstitions, it is important to promote modern values.
Impacts of superstition on society
Final thoughts

Most people think that I want to live comfortably, I want the best, and that too easily and quickly. Therefore, people are deviating from seeing things rationally and honestly. As a result, one easily falls into superstitions and unhealthy activities. When we see that, people who are proud to be educated fall into many mistakes, we understand how much we have become addicted to superstition and how deep the crisis we are in is. Every person has an approach to science and an approach to faith. Fluctuations may be observed. Where science is lacking, belief may grow deeper and deeper and sometimes verge on the side of superstition.

The fact that disturbs us the most is that people are addicted to superstitions and commit all these atrocities for economic gain. We are witnessing a series of events where a knife is thrust into the neck of neoliberal values ​​and blood flows. It is clear from the news that in our country witchcraft, animal sacrifice and human sacrifice are continuing. Although there have long been arrangements to exploit its potentialities in the name of theism, it can only be looked upon with great pain that it has fallen into the clutches of superstition this much. Those who believe and make others believe that performing spells, poojas, and sacrifices can invite prosperity and get rich quickly are not the only criminals. Then, those who sing praises to such gods and bow down to their feet, as well as those who remain apathetic and do not respond to such violence, thinking that it does not affect us, are also criminals.

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