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Why Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing?

According to the principle, little knowledge will lead to great disasters. It is universally acknowledged that knowledge is valuable. No one disagrees that knowledge is good. But sometimes, little knowledge is a dangerous thing. With so much information available in the modern age, this quote is more true than ever before. In order to protect ourselves from dangerous misinformation, we must learn how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to knowledge. To that end, let’s examine the common myths surrounding knowledge, little knowledge, and ignorance to see if we can spot the warning signs of false wisdom! You may ask if there is anyone who is perfect in all knowledge. What is wrong with a little knowledge? Is not something better than nothing? But the truth is that a little knowledge in some matters can lead to great disasters.

Little knowledge brings evil


Let us see in which areas a little knowledge causes disaster. Some people think I know everything. This is the biggest problem. Have you ever heard the story about how the blind man described an elephant by touching it? Each of the four blind men was convinced that he was right, even though they had no full understanding of the elephant. Nevertheless, they didn’t stop disputing.  According to the first man who touched the elephant’s leg, it was like a pillar.  During the debate that followed, the man who held the elephant’s ear said that it was like a sieve. According to the third man who touched the elephant’s tail, the elephant was like a brush, and the fourth man who touched its trunk shouted that it was like a trunk. Very often we find ourselves in these kinds of situations. In a sense, most people who pursue university degrees are like those blind men from the folktale. Graduates or postgraduates with limited knowledge of science, history, or political science are more likely to give false information when they become teachers. By doing this, we create confusion and disseminate incorrect information.

The dangers of little knowledge

Little knowledge can be incredibly dangerous. Nothing can be more dangerous than a lack of knowledge about atomic weapons, and the inability to distinguish between atomic power and the atomic bomb. It is worse than hell to be a power monger, who would use the atom for power, having no concept of the annihilation that awaits both the grabber and grabbed lurking in the shadows. When medical drugs are misused they leave millions of people insensible, insensitive, and unresponsive. In addition to the abuser, drugs also affect his family members and close friends.  The result is emotional, spiritual, and mental death for him. Ostracism, suicide, death, or accidents are some of the possible results of this. Originally, the internet was intended to bring the world closer together. Unfortunately, the internet today has enslaved the civilized, misguiding and intoxicating the masses, especially the youth.

Do not pretend to have knowledge

When we poll individuals on burning issues, we will most likely find that seven out of ten hold only misconceived notions, and worse, they believe they possess full knowledge. Our society is at risk because of this self-deception. Three reasons why little knowledge can be dangerous.  First, we tend to believe we know more than we really do.  We mistakenly believe that our actions have a lesser impact than they actually do due to a lack of knowledge. Third, a lack of knowledge leads us to overestimate our skills and underestimate risks. Poor decisions can result from these mistakes, and they can have an impact on everything from our careers and finances to our relationships.

Consequences of little knowledge

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing
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Doctors and engineers with little knowledge are equally dangerous.

Both the doctor who does not know where to apply his scissors and the engineer who does not know when to push the button is equally hazardous. In both cases, the patient cannot be cured and the machine cannot be operated. We hear and see about wrong medicines being administered or projects collapsing within days of being constructed. Again the result is sorrow and suffering. An unequipped lawyer is also a threat to society.  Instead of evicting the convict, he will hang him.

Scientists who don’t meet the demands and requirements of their job will drain a substantial portion of the country’s resources. A teacher with little knowledge is also unwelcome. In contrast to preparing his wards to be responsible and good citizens of tomorrow, he will make them disgruntled and unruly students of today, and incompetent and irresponsible people of tomorrow. In a position of authority, and ill-prepared graduate is more likely to make wrong decisions and implement policies incorrectly because he sees the situation in a distorted light. Most divorces, murders, and enmities are started by misunderstandings resulting from little knowledge.

Now let’s look at wealth or money. To create and increase wealth, knowledge and maturity are required. Human endeavor and life are greatly influenced by money. But if money isn’t handled well, no matter how wealthy a person is, they could go bankrupt in an instant. What most people do not know is how to manage wealth wisely.

A half-learned or an ill-learned man poses another danger.  He becomes swollen-headed because he thinks too much about his knowledge.  As a result of his blind and baseless pride, he insults other people and causes them harm.  Such a man is incalculable harm if he happens to be a writer or an authority figure. It is common for characters to be assassinated, reputations ruined, and sometimes conflicts and clashes to occur.

In today’s society, the situation of the whole country is similar to that of the people, trampled by drivers with little knowledge of the rules of the road or their work.  Motorists who know how to start an engine, but are unable to stop, or who cannot control their speed, will end up running over unwitting pedestrians. The chaos and confusion in our country are increasing day by day, and the unwitting victims are suffering the consequences.

Look at the other side of this as well

Usually, only one aspect of the subject is grasped.  The consequences of decisions based on incomplete information, mere hypotheses, and conclusions derived from little knowledge will be lopsided and will be disastrous. Like stars hidden behind clouds, the truth remains a mystery. Little knowledge causes a wide range of problems, not only at work but also within the home. We encounter many such tragic events every day because of little knowledge.

Knowing little is like being trapped in a swamp, not letting followers or leaders escape. We can only be liberated from those muddy whirlpools by the light of pure, whole, and wholesome knowledge.  As long as the dark dust particles of negative emotions and actions do not disperse, we cannot hope to see the light and reach the shore.

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing
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Knowledge should be used for the good of humanity

Most of us aim solely to know and do nothing else.  Numerous people, however, feel that knowledge is not for themselves but for all humanity. In their eyes, it is a way to manipulate something, a vehicle through which they can deliver their message. They are religious leaders, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, and so on. Regardless of how small or large a piece of knowledge is it should make us wise. Saying the truth, in these days of information explosion, it is impossible to achieve perfection in any one field of study. Even if you are knowledgeable, it does not matter. Pride of knowledge is not good. It reminds us that knowledge should be used for the good of humanity. The knowledge should be accompanied by humility and modesty. When one is knowledgeable, he must also be modest and humble. Knowledge must also be used for the benefit of others. Or what is the difference between a wise, a foolish, and a little learned person?

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