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Welcome to the New School Year

Welcome to the New School Year

This is the first time since the Covid epidemic that schools have opened in June. For the past two years, our children have been living alone at home. The online classes were going well. Occasionally offline classes also. In the last two years, we have seen a situation where the home has become a school. The children get relief from it, and so do the parents. The new school year begins this year with the relief of overcoming the Covid epidemic with the help of science, which has plunged mankind into total crisis. Students arrive at the school for the first time in June two years later. With the advent of online education, most children have become addicted to mobile phones. The opening of the school is a golden opportunity to change that.

Hopefully the new school year

Let us see what arrangements have been made by the Department of Education and PTA to ensure the safe educational life of the children.

  • There are strict instructions to meet the Covid protocol in this new school year.
  • The repair work of the school buildings has been completed.
  • Textbooks were delivered to schools.
  • The school and its surroundings were cleaned with the help of the public.
  • The toilets were cleaned.
  • Colorful decorations are also set up for the fun of the babies.
  • Teachers, parents, and locals greet the children with a festive atmosphere.
  • It is certain that children who come with great excitement and joy will not be disappointed in this new school year.

The responsibility of teachers has greatly increased

Welcome to the New School Year
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No technology has ever grown to match teachers and no technology can replace teachers

Teachers have a big role to play in providing education to the children according to the needs of the times.

  • In this new school year, the teachers have to be more responsible.
  • Children who left two years ago have returned but in quite a different way.
  • The diverse and expansive worldview that has opened up through the online media may have changed their nature, outlook, attitude, and relationships.
  • Teachers also need to grow to such a high level.
  • It is therefore imperative that they be adequately trained.
  • Screen addiction is another problem.
  • Two years of online study have left children vulnerable to screen addiction.
  • Few children cry loudly when they go to school and are more likely to have problems.
  • This can be a symptom of anxiety disorder.
  • Such children need to be treated lovingly.
  • Life in a room for two years has also affected their health.
  • Children need to be approached with such changes and challenges in mind in this new school year.
  • There will be a small percentage of children who find it very difficult to separate from their parents.
  • Not only parents but also teachers need to pay attention to this.
  • Sometimes children who attend primary classes may not have the knowledge to group or live in groups.
  • They may have experienced so much loneliness and isolation during the last two years.
  • Many children even needed treatment.
  • Children from unhappy families may feel emotionally drained.
  • The time has come to consider the special approach to children who have gone through the digital education system.
  • Therefore, teachers need to address not only learning but also emotional, social, and psychological issues with sympathy.

To replace teachers, there is only one option: Teachers

We are moving back to classroom teaching methods. The only thing that can replace teachers is teachers. Teachers need to be able to move forward with a qualitative integration of digital teaching experiences. This is, in fact, a challenge. Students will be more likely to recognize teachers who are not ready to renew themselves. But in fact, no technology has ever grown to match teachers and no technology can replace teachers. Digital experiences should be used as a supplement to help teachers to rebuild themselves in a timely manner.

Welcome to the New School Year
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Challenges faced by Parents

  • The biggest challenge parents face today is adjusting their children’s routines.
  • With the advent of online classes, most children nowadays have a habit of going to bed late and waking up late in the morning.
  • There are complaints that children are using mobiles late at night now.
  • Therefore, it is possible to fall asleep while in class during the day.
  • Encourage children to spend time on healthy activities such as exercise and music instead of using mobile phones.
  • They need to change this and develop the habit of going to bed on time and waking up early in the morning.
  • The time should be set so that they get at least seven to eight hours of continuous sleep at night.
  • Some children complain that they do not fall asleep on time.
  • A healthy body needs healthy rest.
  • The process of stacking up in the brain what you read and study during the day occurs during good sleep at night.
  • So, getting good sleep is essential for improving memory and learning.
  • There are some exercises that can help children get a good night’s sleep.
  • The most important of these is to go to bed at the right time and wake up at the right time.
  • It is best to exercise in the open in the morning or in the evening in a well-lit place.
  • After that bathing in cold water is very effective.
  • Our children have a habit of going to school without eating breakfast.
  • Remember that this can have a very detrimental effect on health.
  • Breakfast is a very important meal – it gives the energy required for extracurricular activities and studies.
  • Prolonged starvation without breakfast can lead to stomach acidity and other serious illnesses.
  • Studies have shown that the majority of school children are deficient in vitamin D.
  • This can lead to physical fatigue, memory loss, attention deficit, and immunodeficiency disorder in children.
  • So, it is best to exercise or walk in the sun for at least half an hour every day.
  • This will improve not only physical health but also mental health.
  • Therefore, parents should take care to inculcate in their children the habit of getting up early in the morning, studying, and eating breakfast.
Problems in adolescents

Emotional problems and anxiety disorders, which are products of modern times, are more common in adolescents. Because of online education, many children are far behind in their academics.  If the study shows backwardness it should definitely be taken care of. Some of our students are depressed. Symptoms of depression include persistent depression, unexplained fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, lack of concentration, reluctance to do what you used to enjoy, depression, hopelessness, and suicidal tendencies. If at least five of the above symptoms persist for more than two weeks, the child may be diagnosed with depression and need treatment. The increase in drug use among adolescents is also a matter of concern. Parents should be careful to talk openly with their children if there is a sudden change in their basic behavior. Physical exhaustion, bodily injuries, prolonged room closures, loneliness without talking to anyone, irrational anger, and friendships with older adult friends are just some of the things to look out for. Teachers and parents alike need to take care of children. Do not isolate a child who uses intoxicants. We need to ask him about his problems and try to get him out of them.

Besides schools, it is active everywhere

After two years, those old school days are back with a lot of happiness, joy, and fun. There is happiness, there is love, there is reality and there are also doubts. All around, it’s a sign that not only the schools but also the general public are starting to move fully after Covid. Uniform shops, schoolbag centers, malls, and umbrella shops are busy everywhere. Not only students but also teachers and parents are making a full return to the daily lives of those affected by the Covid epidemic.

Welcome to the New School Year
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Did the kids really like the online classes?

Despite the limitations and challenges, we can say that we have been able to conduct our studies smoothly for the last two years with the help of digital technology and teachers. Without being extinguished, we were able to hold onto the path of knowledge and move forward. At the beginning of the online classes, our children and teachers thought that this study at home was easy and did not require any hassle like traveling. But after a few days, everyone started thinking that the school should be opened somehow. This is the realization that education is not just about imparting knowledge. Our children need an educational lifestyle that is shaped by traveling, playing, fighting, and sharing together.

Children should be allowed time to change

This is because children who have only been home for two years may have a variety of problems. Gone are the days when mobile phones, considered by parents and teachers as a forbidden fruit, were given to children as learning materials. The fact is that it has a lot of disadvantages as well as advantages. Our children have acquired a wide range of knowledge through digital media that they have never seen or heard of before. Some even became stars through social media. They all enjoyed it very much. But it did bring a lot of harm. The time spent on games and shows has increased exponentially. They have become a digital technology class. Not only that but there are children who have fallen into unhealthy mental states and loneliness. Unless special support is given to them, their future will be unpredictable. At home and at school, they should be given the opportunity to return to the normal order of study from their self-formed virtual perceptions by adding what they like and deleting what they do not.

A few thoughts on this new school year

As the Covid epidemic subsided, schools are opened. Although Covid’s intensity has diminished, social isolation and wearing masks have not been avoided. Things have not yet returned to the normal level before Covid. It may take days for the children to reach the old level where they used to run, laugh, and fight very freely. At least some children may be reluctant or anxious to go to school. Intimidation of such children should be avoided. Adults should never say things like school is a punishment center. On the contrary, they need to be told that school is a happy place to have a lot of friends. If they are in no way ready to go to school, the problem should be solved with the help of a psychiatrist.

Looking forward to the new school year

Around two years ago, the Covid epidemic created an extraordinary situation.  Then there was the long trial period of online classes. With the help of science, our study has returned to normal as we have almost overcome the threat of Covid. A happy school environment is essential for the personal development of children. We have a responsibility to provide our children with a quality education based on justice and equality. Learning quality can only improve if children’s mental health improves. It will take a long time for us to reach the level of equality guaranteed by the Constitution. The education sector needs to make a conscious effort to eliminate gender, caste, religion, and geographical discrimination. We need an education system that will help create a generation with a democratic vision and a sense of citizenship.

The values of education should not be undermined

Those school days of playing, laughing, and fighting freely are back. The school environment needs to be changed to give more prominence to the concept of gender equality and to change caste, religion, and geographical distinctions. We need to change our curriculum to focus more on floods, water scarcity, disaster management, and sex education. Awareness of gender, environment awareness, and hygiene awareness should also be acquired through education. Extremely dangerous incidents are taking place where even children are being used as weapons by racists to spread hatred. We must isolate those who inject the poison of hatred into the minds of children. The democratic social values ​​of education should not be undermined. Each state should have the right to design curricula that suit the cultural, social, and economic diversity of each state. We do not want a centralized and one-sided education system based on capitalist interests. Our children are endless sources of goodness and love. May they grow up with equality, freedom, and gender justice. May teachers, educators, and the community conscience be the way and guardians for that.

Final thoughts

Our children are stepping into the new school year, overcoming the bad times plagued by epidemics and natural disasters. Classrooms are the place where the future of a country is shaped. If our children are to excel in international examinations, they must receive the necessary professional training from the school itself. Education is not just about passing exams. Children should not be put under excessive stress by the new education policy. They need to have confidence and at the same time a positive competitive spirit. The new education policy is not to put children first in exams by putting too much stress on them. The goal of education is also to enable them to survive in a complex and problematic future society.

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