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Let Communalism Perish

What happens to a person guided by communalism?

Communalism is a poison that destroys man and society. Communalism has become a breeding ground of hatred and violence in the modern world. Many people are essentially the same as brute animals despite civilization. Despite the fact that nations and men today swear by the principles of peace and coexistence, there are still elements that engage in violent activities and feel that only violence can solve problems.  Communalism is one of the worst forms of violence. A combination of political, economic, and religious factors has been offered as the most frequent and best (or worse) excuses for communalism in many parts of the world.  The concept of communalism can take many forms. The most common form involves the killing of innocent people. Another class of communalism involves destroying public property. So do not allow communalism to grow for any reason. Let communalism perish.

The definition of communalism and its causes

Why do communalisms occur, and what causes them? Communalism, in its simplest form, describes the attachment or concern of members of a particular community for their own welfare or well-being. In this light, even casteism, religionism, and linguistic groups would appear to be expressions of communalism, which in fact they are. What are the reasons behind communalism? Is it mere politics driven by opportunism? Or is it something else? The phenomenon of communalism has many more complex issues that need to be clarified and answered before a satisfactory explanation of it can be offered. Throughout history, caste, creed, and color have acted as factors of diversification in the country. Bringing together people with such diverse backgrounds and interests was never easy. Apart from the economic and political factors, there were other factors separating one group from another. Things are not going well in this country right now. The country is experiencing difficulties today. National integration remains far off. When divisive forces thrive on dissensions and conflict, integration cannot be achieved. True integration is impossible due to power lust, greed, religious bigotry, as well as cultural fanaticism. There are some who are experts at fishing in troubled waters. The illiterate masses and even some educated people who follow their leaders like sheep are both exploited by them without hesitation. The majority of these people are unaware that their activities are poisoning the mainstream of national life, and even if they are aware, they don’t care.

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Role of the British in encouraging communalism in India

Several factors have contributed to communal violence in India, the most significant of which comes from the history of the country itself. The seeds of communal violence in India were actually sown during British rule.  During the British empire, the Mohammedans were used against the increasing number of Indian Hindus becoming politically active. In fighting the political consciousness of local Hindus, the British used Mohammedans as their most potent weapon. In order to cultivate mistrust between the Muslim and Hindu communities, the British played tricks. The British were responsible for attempting to divide Indian society along religious lines through their reviled ‘divide and rule policy. Due to the fortuitous combinations of many events and incidents, the communal seed grew even stronger once it was planted. We must not allow this to continue. Communalism must be eradicated. Let communalism perish.

Recent trends of communalism in politics

Globally, political communalism has become a widespread disease. Petty politicians have also contributed a great deal to vitiating the social atmosphere of the country because they have infiltrated the political system. We are more or less endured the trauma of lacking honest and farsighted politicians except for the first few years or decades of independence. Our politicians are not interested in finding lasting solutions to communal violence, instead, they have played parts based on their own perception of electoral gains, which has compounded the communal violence problem more. The problem of communal violence has become a powerful tool in the hands of an entirely new breed of politicians to further their political interests. As each political party strives to win its own vote bank, politics in India is becoming more and more communal with each passing day. The time has come for us to focus on how to resolve this malady of communal violence. 

Relationships among communalism, casteism, and religion

‘Caste’ derives from the Portuguese word’ Casta’, meaning breed, race, or kind. The concept of a caste society refers to a population with a common culture, divided by social barriers into endogamous units, each of which possesses some particular features. Caste has infiltrated society so deeply that it has merged with many other trends, such as communalism, regionalism, and linguism. It is due to the interaction between caste and polity that this occurs. As long as the liberal democratic values do not permeate all levels of society through the constructive negotiation of educational, social, and political equality, caste will continue to play a significant role in society and politics.

The basis of all religions

All religions are for human beings. Then the basis of religion should be love, brotherhood, and compassion for fellow human beings. The foundation of each religion is honest goals and incredible ideals. However, man is equipped for transforming it to suit his own narrow-minded needs.  However, a benevolent framework from the beginning, the religion and caste system were mishandled and turned into a revile to many, bringing about mistreatment and social isolation. The person who claims to be wise and educated becomes an animal when he accepts the poison of religion. Then they act cruelly like animals and spread false information. Don’t all religions pertain to humans? Can we put an end to this racism that causes so much destruction to human beings?  In floods, natural disasters, and epidemics, are caste and religion taken into consideration? Definitely not. Nobody is looking. People are trying to save their own lives.  In any case, the caste system, which is abused, has outlasted its value. We should give it an appropriate burial service. Globally, now there are only two castes – the haves and the have-nots. Science is growing, but humanity is shrinking. Science is at the peak of its development by the grace of God. Humanity is, however, relegated to religion by the stagnation of our minds.

Hospital – The largest place of worship

Although there are many religions, somebody said that hospitals are the largest place of worship in this world. A place of worship that is open to all religions, Christians, Muslims, and Hindus alike. To save the lives of their loved ones, it is in these places of worship that many call on God with tears in their eyes. In these places of worship, many people weep in thanksgiving to God. It is a caste-free environment. All are equal here. When a person needs blood, he does not ask whether the blood belongs to a Hindu, Christian, or Muslim. Donors do not inquire whether the blood belongs to a Hindu, a Christian, or a Muslim. There are only brightly dressed representatives of God here. They are doctors and nurses. People who come here after stabbing and cutting each other are given the same color of blood. How does it feel to walk through a corridor filled with the stench of drugs? Hospital is the only place in the world where you can see a beautiful movie star lying on a bed exhausted by illness, a young man with a six-pack who is unable to move, without being able to drink a single drop of water, a person with a fortune in crores of rupees fights to the death. Man is nothing more than that. However, is there any downside to human pride? People who take pride in religion or caste, as well as people who do anything for power within their families or countries, need to see this.

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Consequences of communalism

  • The result of communalism is hatred and violence.
  • There would be a disruption in the general trend of life.
  • Chaos would reign everywhere and peace would be broken.
  • No amount of compensation can make up for the loss of life and prosperity.
  • A dual-edged weapon, communalism can harm both sides.
  • Inhumanity is the result of communalism and nothing tangible can be achieved as a result.
  • Communalism cannot achieve any ultimate victory. Evil cannot triumph.
  • Communalism only makes people more miserable.
  • Nation and people have forgotten that solutions to political problems and disputes can only be achieved through negotiations, not communal actions.

What are the measures to solve communalism?

  • Each of us should do everything we can to restore the integrity and unity of our nation.
  • In order to achieve the goal, namely integration, strong leadership is required.
  • In order to achieve unity, we must first arm ourselves with the powerful weapon of education.
  • Due to the fact schooling makes humans suppose on their very own without entering any evil influence.
  • And as soon as humans get that ability, then they’ll see and examine for themselves the disastrous results and reasons and remedies of the ailment of communalism.
  • Their education and economic development must be improved.
  • Religion or caste shouldn’t divide nations. Nationalism shouldn’t be based on caste, language, or religion.
  • People need to be made to understand that caste, religious and political dissensions lead to evil.
  • Religion should emphasize the sanctity of the human soul as well as avoid hatred, malice, greed, fear, and mere ritualism.
  • All religions should emphasize the concept of universal brotherhood.
  • To tackle divisive elements, all institutions, including the government, the judiciary, the police, and citizens, need to come together.
  • There must be a just and progressive system of social, economic, and political organization.
  • Keeping the law and order is the most important responsibility of the government.
  • The government must provide security for the country’s citizens so that the people can regain their well-being.
  • It is important that the government and all philanthropic institutions do everything they can to relieve the poor people’s agony and economic backwardness.
  • Building hostels, giving away free books, and distributing scholarships to the poor will help.
  • The poor should be given poverty pensions and subsidies as well.
  • Tolerance, patriotism, and the beauty of our unified culture must be promoted by the media and educational institutions while following a true secularist policy that favors equity.
  • We should do a lot of introspection.
  • It is important to cultivate introspection at the grassroots level.
  • Every individual must assess his actions in everyday life and decide whether they are right or wrong.
  • At school, children should be taught the values of national integration and its advantages.
  • Youth should be free of prejudice, false prestige, and practices that are divisive.
  • We should protect young minds from prejudice, false reputation, and practices that generate divisive forces.
  • It is important to train children in righteous conduct and to make them see the beauty and truth in everything.
  • It can be cultivated to some extent by giving children training in fine arts like music, dance, and painting, which have always been capable of uniting minds.

Communalism is the greatest threat to harmony

In any country, communalism is the greatest threat to harmony. They squeeze the blood of their own nation, their own countrymen, with sharp serpent teeth of narrow anti-national concepts. Their opiate of self has numbed them, and as a result, they have heightened their morbid passions by inciting communal tensions, provoking separatist sentiments, and slaughtering their fellow citizens with such a vengeance that they have set the nation on fire. Conflicts between religions, languages, and cultures have become grim recurring events, it is said. Disruptive behavior must be firmly prohibited, and those who poison the harmony are strictly forbidden. Furthermore, we should educate the people about the national perspectives and the love of its heritage. Let communalism perish. It is impossible for everyone to be a Jesus or a Gandhi who could counter violence with non-violence and peace. Communalists must therefore realize that communalism doesn’t pay.

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