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War is the greatest crime of all

The world is witnessing another war.  Our hearts break when we see the war-torn, genocidal, and devastated people and the terrifying scenes on the battlefields. War crushes all desires of ordinary people due to man’s lust for power.  In war, lives are destroyed and innocent people are killed. War is a crime against mankind committed by governments. Wartime crime is a topic of heated discussion among some. But war itself is the greatest crime.  There is no greater crime than war.  Poor people have never benefited from the war.  The workers have never benefited from it.  War is a major crime that leads to more crimes. Whenever war breaks out, there is economic collapse, mass exodus, famine, and starvation. It will have far-reaching repercussions around the world if war falls anywhere in this century at a time when globalization is at its peak. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is having significant repercussions on the world economy. As a result of war, profits were always made by monopolies controlled by imperial powers.  The same is true today.

There are several reasons why wars occur

A war between two nations, or more often a war within, may be caused by many reasons.  Throughout history, war has been caused by politics between rulers and the victims have been ordinary people. The root cause of most conflicts is disagreements of ideas. A few other major causes include economic gain, territorial gain, religion, nationalism, civil war, and political revolution. The preamble of the UNESCO Constitution says that war starts in the mind of man, and therefore it is from the mind of man that the defenses of peace must be built. Therefore, the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind is the key to solving regional conflicts. The regional conflicts which the modern world is grappling with today are the continuation of the cold war and the rivalry between superpowers. Throughout the world, western nations’ fear of communism and the Soviet’s hatred of capitalism caused these conflicts. To demonstrate their military prowess and put their military strength to the test, they turned these regions into battlefields. War is the greatest crime of all.

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Don’t destroy tomorrow’s hopes

Fights are fought by those who disregard human life and who, above all, establish power. In any war, ordinary people are the real victims. The plight of elderly refugees and mothers fleeing with their children is unfathomable.   According to Bertrand Russell, war does not determine who is right, but who should be left. World peace has always been challenged by war. Thus, Russia’s aggression and war are not just against Ukraine but also against humanity. It is true that Ukraine’s attempt to join the NATO alliance is a threat to Russia’s national security. Russia was forced into military intervention in Ukraine as a result of the provocation, which went beyond all limits. Some countries failed to condemn Russia’s military move because they believed the issues it raised were true. The U.S. promises made before the collapse of the Soviet Union were violated by NATO’s expansion into the region.  NATO’s decision to add Ukraine to the alliance is the most recent in a series of moves.

Life will be difficult once again for ordinary people if the recession strikes again

Covid has exacerbated the escalating recession since 2008. The epidemic severely impacted the lives and livelihoods of ordinary people. Hunger, poverty, and unemployment are on the rise globally. After Covid’s third wave, the world economy had begun to recover. The Russia-Ukraine conflict occurs as the globally disrupted supply chain of raw materials and products are slowly returning to normal. Global economic conditions are deteriorating as a result. Including the stock market and trade, it has affected all economic activity. In terms of oil production and natural gas, Russia contributes 12% and 16%, respectively.  The price of essential commodities, including fuel, is rising rapidly. The inflation of food grains began even before the war.   12% of world wheat exports and 13% of world maize exports are produced by Ukraine. Russian exports are also significant.


Some realities of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

  • The Cold War ended in 1991 with the Warsaw Alliance and communist powers on one side and the NATO military front led by the United States.
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a continuation of the problems left by the end of the Cold War
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not aimed at grabbing resources.
  • It is clear that Putin is preparing to face the NATO.
  • As part of its pro-NATO strategy, the United States seeks to establish government bodies around Russia.
  • Ukraine wants to be part of Western Europe, completely independent from Russian influence.
  • Ukrainian extremist nationalism, which is heavily influenced by Ukrainian language and culture, is also anti-Russian.
  • There was a reaction from Putin regarding this.
  • Putin’s ideas are not accepted or reassured by the United States and its allies.
  • Over the past eight months, Putin has repeatedly urged the United States and its allies to reconsider the decision to include Ukraine in NATO.

It was U.S. policy to deploy NATO troops along Russia’s border and reduce the world’s second-largest military power, which led to a war that could have been avoided. Soviet people, including Russians and Ukrainians, lost more than 20 million lives in World War II. Among all the nations that have experienced the devastation of war, Russia has the most experience.  It is for this reason that Russia does not want war. However, Russia’s government does not turn a blind eye to forces that threaten national security.  Russia is concerned about what the future holds as US and British forces try to achieve in Ukraine what they could not achieve during the Cold War. As a sovereign member of the UN, Russia’s occupation cannot be justified.   In that case, the UN Charter has been violated. Russian relations with Ukraine and the involvement of western countries are too complex to make such a statement unilaterally. America’s interference in racial revolutions in Russia’s neighboring countries poses a serious threat. The city of St. Peter’s is at the forefront of NATO’s spearhead. Additionally, military deployments are occurring in the Pacific. There is still a threat to Russia in this region due to NATO’s military presence

There are many historical, religious, and cultural links between Ukraine and Russia

The official language of Ukraine is Russian. The Ukrainian language is also used. Russian culture is an integral part of Ukraine. Historically, ethnically, religiously, and culturally, the two countries have great ties. All of this cannot be deleted overnight. During a time when Russia was the largest empire, Ukraine played an important role. A number of ancient trade routes pass through Ukraine.  Russia’s food security relies heavily on Ukraine. Ukrainian plains with fertile black soil are the center of the production of wheat. Thus historically, religiously, and culturally, Russia and Ukraine are inseparable. Now Ukraine is in the middle of a multi-level conflict. There is a possibility that western countries will organize against Russia will expand their military presence in more regions if sanctions against it continue, and the Baltic Balkans will become increasingly unstable. In the event that circumstances exceed those, anything can happen Let’s hope nothing bad happens.

Again, the United Nations has failed

The United Nations and its Security Council have once again failed. Despite the United Nations’ best efforts, war and circumstances that lead to armed conflict can never be avoided. In order for its work to be effective, the United Nations must be democratized. The United Nations has failed to curb America’s greed for world dominance. During the 2002 Security Council meeting, the United States declared that it would continue to assert its right to invade other countries. The United States has called its invasion a war against terrorism. The United Nations has been unable to stop the US invasion of Iraq. It is only five countries that have permanent seats on the Security Council. Any resolution they disagree with can be vetoed. No country from the so-called Third World has a permanent seat on the Security Council. In international relations, equality is not maintained. Only certain countries have dominance. For world peace, the United Nations needs to be democratized.

Those who run to save their lives from the battlefield

Every day, more and more people are fleeing the conflict zone. It is said by the United Nations that this is the worst refugee crisis Europe has experienced since World War II. War results in nothing but misery. It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of those who lost everything and fled from the battlefield. There are thousands of foreigners stuck in Ukraine due to conflict. They live in underground metro stations, bunkers, schools, and border camps in terror. As the conflict intensifies every day, the evacuation mission from Ukraine is becoming more and more difficult. The only way to reach boundaries is to travel for hours through conflict-ridden areas. Arrive at the border safely, wait for hours, and cross the border. To reach safety, they must cross these two barriers. In order to prevent the future complexities of evacuation missions, diplomats say we need to learn from each mission. The key steps of any rescue mission are an accurate assessment of the situation, developing an evacuation plan, successfully implementing the plan, and planning a follow-up. Meanwhile, numerous complaints have been made regarding rescue operations. But this is not the time to make unnecessary criticisms because things won’t go as smoothly as they did during the war.

War results in nothing but misery

  • War represents destruction, crash, misery and sorrow
  • The most affected by war are women, children, and the elderly.
  • There are often ways for men to run and escape.
  • It is impossible for pregnant women to postpone childbirth during wartime.
  • It is their responsibility to give birth and raise their children.
  • There are no adequate facilities for giving birth because hospitals and health facilities are at war, and transportation has been disrupted.
  • There will be no place to take care of the children.
  • There will be no health workers on hand to assist.
  • The rate of infant mortality is likely to rise because newborns are not properly cared for.
  • It’s impossible for people to even shop for essentials.
  • Without reaching their destination, refugees may die.
  • Patients who are ill or bedridden will suffer greatly.
  • Various infections can cause their death.
  • During wars, women, children, and men are often housed in separate camps.
  • Mental disorders are caused by this, especially in children.
  • In times of war, even trivial illnesses, such as fevers and colds, can prove fatal.
  • In addition to destroying families and communities, war often hinders the formation of a nation’s social fabric and economic development.
  • As a result of war, there are many potential negative effects on humans, including death, injury, sexual violence, malnutrition, illness, and disability.
  • There will be disruptions in the food supply.
  • Poor quality foods can negatively affect children and mothers.
  • Malnutrition can sometimes result in life-threatening diseases.
  • War destroys cities and affects a country’s economy for years to come.
  • A war can cause physical and psychological harm to children and adults, as well as a loss of material and human capital.
  • Further serious issues include damage to infrastructure, a declining workforce, inflation, shortages, uncertainty, human suffering, the spread of diseases, displacement of people and destruction of the environment, a rise in debt and disruption to normal economic activity.
  • In times of war, people are exposed to a variety of traumas.
  • Thus, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression are more likely to develop. Environmental damage is a significant impact of military activity.
  • War may have a destroying impact on the environment due to the use of weapons, destruction of structures and oil fields, fires, military transport movements and chemical spraying.
  • Water contamination, food shortages, and drinking water shortages are all common during wartime.
  • In short, war is the greatest crime of all.

What is our mission and what are our aims?

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

Human life is organized and built on certain systems. A peaceful life requires precision in agriculture, education, job, treatment, transportation, and communication.  All of this will be shattered at the beginning of any war. The collapse resulting from this can’t be prevented by ordinary people. It is not enough to have only sympathetic responses and criticism on our part. In war, lives are shattered and lives are lost. Hope that Russia and Ukraine will end the conflict by abhorring all violence. In the end, history decides, and we commentators comment. Yet, as we examine the history of the modern world, we are compelled not to mourn. However small, we can contribute to the construction of a healthier, stronger, friendlier, and more liberated world. It has been the oldest desire of mankind to establish a ”world government” or state. In ancient times, this idea was promoted by many religious and political philosophers. Saint Augustine, a famous Christian philosopher, sought world unity through the idea of a one-world kingdom of God on this earth. Dante was another Roman philosopher who advocated the establishment of a world government for peace and stability. But their “one world” concept remains a distant dream.  Our world is on the move, the older is passing, and the future draws near. How shall we proceed and what shall be our goal? Hope we will progress to an international order in which those dark clouds of unrest and violence should be removed, the doves of peace and happiness should soar into the sky, and a path to the development of a new world of freedom will become apparent. We must become a society that supports those.

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