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When students become addicted to drugs

This is a time when there is a lot of discussion about the use of intoxicating substances including drugs which is increasing in our society, especially among students. Clinical data and experience indicate that alcohol and drug abuse among children and adolescents is on the rise. The prevalence and use of alcohol, cannabis, etc. have increased. Drug use among students and young people is an issue that requires strict vigilance and social intervention. Awareness and action against these need to continue strongly. Under many names and in many forms, these deadly intoxicants are reaching our midst targeting school and college students. We must treat this social disaster with all the seriousness it deserves since it is a major social catastrophe.

The slavery of drugs leads to all destruction

Children’s intoxication disturbs their parents’ sleep. Statistics indicate that the use and sale of drugs are increasing in almost every country in the world. It is a very sad and serious fact that mostly, students and youths fall under the grip of drug addiction. Drugs can enslave the body and mind at the same time. It can make us die-hard addicts at first use. Addiction to drugs is a brain disease. Hallucinogens are chemicals that can instantly change our thinking and moods. Cannabis belongs to this category. As the name suggests, these hallucinogenic drugs are drugs that alter a person’s perception of reality. The drug mafia is waiting to mislead the new generation. As children have to go outside the house for a variety of reasons, whether for study or work, the wrong ways of intoxication will often appear in front of them. The reason is that drug gangs are ready to mislead the way.

Ways and possibilities to fall into addiction

  • There are many reasons why our children fall into addiction.
  • Some are more likely to fall into drug addiction.
  • Genetics can sometimes lead to addiction, for example, children in families with alcoholism, mood disorders, suicidal tendencies, etc. are more likely to become addicted.
  • Those with a family history of substance abuse, those with early attention deficit disorder, and those with symptoms of hyperactivity are more likely to start using drugs at an early age.
  • Alcohol and drug use among students usually begin and progresses in relation to the school and school environment.
  • Discomfort at home, father’s alcoholism, etc. are also causes.
  • Not only schools but also the home and home surroundings may sometimes be the venue for this.
  • Fathers in such homes are mostly alcoholics.
  • Alcoholism can sometimes start early in adolescents with contact disorder.
  • This is due to their lack of courage to say NO when their friends insist.
  • A large percentage of teenagers start using drugs due to peer pressure.
  • Some children try it because they worry about isolating themselves if they don’t use drugs with their friends.
  • But some children use drugs out of curiosity to understand what it is and gradually become addicted to them. 
  • It doesn’t take long for them to descend into the cesspool of crime.
  • Adolescents are greatly influenced by lifestyle and social interactions.
  • Addiction begins with sweets, tobacco, pills, and glue, then it reaches cannabis, drugs, painkillers, injections, etc.
  • It doesn’t take long for studies, skills, and family ties to fall apart.

How do identify if drug use has started?

  • One problem is how to identify such children.
  • Usually, the family environment of children who use drugs, alcohol, etc. is full of problems.
  • Another thing is that such children have bad associations.
  • For example, suppose a child is studying in class 7, but his peers are higher secondary students, or sometimes even higher, or are dropouts.
  • The sudden change in their behavior should be taken very seriously.
  • If you see obvious changes in their behavior, you should suspect that they have started using drugs.
  • Keeping the room closed for long periods of time, withdrawing from the family, and walking away without answering their questions, such behavior differences should be suspected.
  • There may be frequent changes in the friendships of such children.
  • Drugs are mainly sold in small shops on school grounds.
  • In addition, there are some people who sell it on school grounds.
  • These children can have a good relationship with the shop near the school and the shop owner.
  • There may be unusual relationships with adults around the home.
  • Go to school with lots of money.
  • These children take more money from home when they go to school.
  • Parents need to pay attention to differences in habits like appetite, hygiene, and sleep.
  • Some children start stealing money from home and some children start bullying their parents.
  • Excessive anger, threats, destruction of things, etc. can also be symptoms of drug addiction.
  • Anger, fights, and irrational anger occur during the addictive phase of drug use.
  • These children go back a long way in learning.
  • Along with drugs, some also start using pornography.
  • They bring their mobile phones to school and show obscene pictures to others also.
  • If any unusual powder, material, or packet is found in their bag or pocket should be recognized as a hazard.
  • If you see any unusual smell or sometimes smoke in the children’s room, you should identify it.
  • There is a state of being unable to control the use of intoxicants and the time of use.
  • A condition in which the amount of drug substance used is gradually increased.
  • If they don’t get the drug, they will suffer from lack of sleep, addiction, and excessive anger.
  • A situation where happiness cannot be found in anything else.
  • Depression, fear, mania, doubts, and suicidal tendencies can also be symptoms.
  • These are the initial symptoms.
  • If not treated in time, these symptoms can go beyond to further drug addiction and show serious symptoms.
  • One symptom is becoming violent when the drug is not available.
  • It is common for these people to steal large sums of money because drugs require a good amount of money.
  • Talking incoherently and behaving like crazy are serious symptoms.
  • Other symptoms of this condition are wandering around without going to school after leaving home, and wandering around without coming home after leaving school.

What should parents and teachers do?

Only if parents and teachers are able to identify drug addict children or when they start using drugs, they can be saved by providing them with expert treatment. Parents or teachers should make good friends with the suspected children. In suspected cases, parents can communicate directly with children but not be overly emotional. It is best if the parents can take the child directly to a psychiatrist.

Parents and teachers should be prepared to monitor the child especially, mothers. Mothers should communicate with teachers they trust in cases of doubt. Behaviors such as punishing the child harshly, throwing him out of the house, or keeping silent to the child will not be beneficial, on the contrary, they will have the opposite effect.  Teachers and parents should spend a certain amount of time with the children every day.

Teachers should always handle such matters with confidentiality. School-level counseling should be made available. Parents should be friendly with their child’s friends and keep an eye on them. Manage and control the friendships and relationships of their children with older children and adults outside of school. Confession should not be made by harsh punishment, never use that method. If the child’s condition does not improve, seek help from a mental health professional.

Intervene as early as possible

Early intervention is key if physical, and psychosocial disturbances are detected. Drug addiction is one of the leading causes of death among young people. Because drug use leads to suicide and the other is accidental deaths after drug use. Alcohol use can sometimes take time to make a person sick, but drugs do not and can cause immediate physical and psychological effects. Guilt and anti-social behavior develop in drug addicts. Family, schools, and society should be more vigilant.

What happens in the brain when you use drugs?

Addiction to drugs is a brain disease. Dopamine is the villain. Dopamine, a chemical in the brain, increases during drug use, leading to certain euphoria in users. Naturally, they continue to use these substances to regain these feelings. Thus, they gradually become addicted to it. Dopamine, which often causes euphoria during drug use, can also cause mental illnesses such as delusions when the levels are too high. The result may be a tendency to commit crimes, poor academic performance, and a lack of interest in going to school or college. The use of narcotic drugs such as cannabis is more likely to cause a sudden increase in dopamine levels and cause psychotic symptoms.  On such occasions, the person using drugs is more likely to become violent and harm family members.

There are many respiratory problems that occur when smoking cannabis. Toxic substances such as hydrogen cyanide that reach the lungs through smoke seriously affect the functions of the lungs. It also contains cancer-causing chemicals. It also affects the circulatory system. Cannabis use increases the heart rate and puts more pressure on the heart, making it more likely that a heart attack will occur. Many crimes occur due to the influence of intoxicating substances.

What are the remedies against drug addiction?

The ancients say that there is no problem in this world that cannot be solved. There is a solution to any problem. Let’s examine how to deal socially with students and teenagers who use alcohol and drugs. When students become drug addicts, it should be understood that it is a national loss.

When students become addicted to drugs
Say NO to drugs
  • Children, do not fall into the delusion of intoxication.
  • Educational spaces, society and the law must work together more carefully if we want to prevent drug use among young people.
  • Parents should be aware of their children’s and teenagers’ associations, places, and times they spend time.
  • Expand adolescent school mental health programs to all schools.
  • Make counseling mandatory in all schools.
  • Children and Adolescent Clinics are working to deal with the mental health problems of children.
  • Utilize the services of a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychiatric Social Worker, etc.
  • Develop de-addiction plans.
  • Check the shops near the school under the guidance of the authorities.
  • Declare school premises as drug-free zero zones.
  • Avoid the presence of intoxicants in the home.
  • Adults’ drug use may lead children to imitate and justify their use.
  • Educational institutions should become more student-friendly, i.e. they should give importance not only to studies but also to extra-curricular subjects.
  • Along with that, various clubs and social activities are also good.
  • Also, the school should have time and facilities for nature conservation.
  • Giving drugs to children and making them drug carriers should be strictly prohibited.
  • We should work closely with the government and the police in these matters and give full support to their activities.
  • Symptoms should be recognized early.
  • Strict laws should be in place to prevent the supply and marketing of intoxicating substances.
  • Anti-drug awareness and campaigning have to start from within the homes.
  • There is a need to sensitize the youth, children, and adults against substance abuse.
  • Children should be taught at an early age that substance abuse can cause mental illness.
  • The negative effects of substance use and mental health problems should be part of the children’s education plan.
  • The measures and awareness announced by the government against drug addiction should have the support of youth and student organizations.

Addiction is spreading

 Recent studies show that a good percentage of our college students are drug users. Compared to previous years, the widespread seizure of intoxicants like ganja and MDMA in our country is not a good sign. the sad thing is that School students are also experimenting with drugs. Mental problems and suicidal tendencies in children and adolescents are issues that need to be understood along with substance abuse. Children who start smoking cigarettes are often more likely to progress to alcohol and drugs, including marijuana, very quickly. Studies show that individuals who start using drugs at an early age are more likely to become addicted to drugs later in life.

The way of life and circumstances of our children have completely changed

There was a time when children used to go to school, laughing together, playing, and telling stories. Thus, observing the surroundings and reproducing the sounds heard and the sights seen, in their native language was through collective games. Through this, children’s observation skills increase and expand. It is this observational skill, intelligence, and continuous research that has led and continues to lead human progress. But in the current changed situation, the skills and abilities of some children are getting stagnated. Today playgrounds are indoors, and they are artificially created.

The opportunities to play together are reduced. Running, jumping, and participating in various games led to the development of all the organs including the brain. There is a lot of pressure on children these days. Many of our children have a childhood without games and sports. Earlier they used to find happiness through such games and sports activities. But today? They find happiness through the use of drugs and alcohol and through this a vulnerable youth community grows. the result is suicides and accidents continue.

How much energy is produced in the body every day? By regularly engaging in various types of sports, blood circulation increases and the nutrients obtained from the food consumed reach every cell with the help of oxygen, i.e. reaches the mitochondria. As a result, proper energy production takes place which makes the body more energetic and enthusiastic. The proper utilization of the energy in our body for various sports, games, and plays will be very beneficial. Task-oriented games should definitely be a part of the curriculum to enhance the sense of purpose.

When students become addicted to drugs
Urgent measures need to be planned to save our young generation from the slavery of drugs

Keep your eyes open more cautiously

Keep your eyes open these days when new drugs are spreading all over the world. Let not our youth fall into drug slumber. Put them together wisely. Lead them to other good pleasures. Help them not to fall into the pits of drugs. And if they fall, don’t hesitate to pick them up. Be ready to reclaim our youths. Let the slavery of this addiction not capture our childhood, youth, and young people. Let each of us defend ourselves against this great calamity.

Urgent measures need to be planned to save our young generation from the slavery of drugs. To achieve this, it is only possible if students, teachers, parents, society, and the government take responsibility together. Parents should set an example for their children by abstaining from drug use. if parents find out that their child is using drugs, parents need to show patience, talk to the child calmly, and understand the circumstances that led to it. Emotional support from family and friends is essential here. When children become addicted to drugs, counseling alone does not cure addiction. Everyone’s mental state is different, so it is necessary to understand the disease condition, study the mental state and recognize the risks to treat it.

Final thoughts

As far as adolescence is concerned, some incidents that occur between their friendships lead to the introduction of substances such as drugs. The wrong tendencies that start to become a hero among friends, to understand and know what it tastes like, then become uncontrollable and eventually lead to permanent addiction. Many activities are active with the help of the government to prevent and control drug use. The weaknesses of students are often exploited by drug mafias. Many cases are registered in connection with drug use and illegal sale. It is very troubling that children and young people are involved in these cases.

What we need is a good and healthy future generation. A healthy and good society is the strength of any country. If so, marketing and distribution of drugs are in sense treason. Preventing our children from getting into drugs is the best solution to problems related to drug use. If this is to be possible, better awareness, social intervention, and strong legal measures are needed. For a healthy and good society, children and youth need to be saved from the grip of drug addiction. This is the united defense of society. That’s why we all should participate in this yajna.  It is time to wake up the conscience of our country and society. We can face this deadly disaster together with one mind and one goal. Say NO to drugs

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