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Here are three things to remember in life

The three things one can never get back if lost in life

Good opportunities, Time, Words said (words spoken)

Good Opportunities

Opportunities are situations that present themselves that give you a chance to accomplish something you want. Should we look for opportunities or wait for them to come to us? We all experience both of these things in our lives. Some opportunities may present themselves, but we don’t take advantage of them. Since we didn’t realize it was an excellent opportunity. After that, we apologize so much for that. But we think some are opportunities, but they can be deceptive. Often, we fall into it without realizing it. In what ways can we recognize that this is an opportunity for our benefit? First, we must acknowledge our strengths as well as our weaknesses. As a result of that awareness, we can decide whether what is open before us is an opportunity for growth and success or for failure. The next step would be to ask someone you trust for advice. Then make sure you are well prepared. Our skills need to be honed through preparation. Learning something new is always a good thing. Be aware that good opportunities may not always be available.


”Time once lost, won’t be found again”. A lost moment is a lost moment forever. We can’t get time back or the time has once gone, cannot be recovered. Time is more precious than anything in this world. The proverb “Time and tide wait for no one” is an English saying. This proverb illustrates that just like tide doesn’t wait for anyone, neither does time. What should we do now? Use the time we have to the fullest extent possible. we cannot stop the passing of time. With time, the entire world runs. The value of time is more valuable than the value of money. It is possible to acquire more money, but time cannot be acquired. We will never forget the incident where PT Usha lost her Olympic medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in 400-meter hurdles. The medal was said to have been lost by one-hundredth of a second.  At that time, we knew there had been such a time. At that point, we realized we could split a second again. People who are successful in life are those who understand the value of time and make good use of it.

Words said (words spoken)

It has been said that words spoken cannot be retrieved. Therefore, words should be used carefully. Don’t let anyone be offended by our words, and don’t fill anyone’s eyes. There are times when the words we say are like coals of fire. It does not burn and it doesn’t go out. Those who hear it will remember it for a long time. The speaker does not know the condition of the listener. Saying that the wounds caused by our words can be healed is a lie. Its memory lingers until they die. It is not wealth, education, or beauty that defines a person as a great person. The ability to speak and act without hurting another’s mind makes us great. It’s time to think about what words were spent unnecessarily. Think back to the words that were used to hurt, blame, and mock others. Word choice is important. It is important to choose our words carefully.

In life, there are three things that are not guaranteed

Dream, Success, Luck


Dreams are good. There is nothing wrong with dreaming and setting goals. However, it does not have to happen the way we imagine. There is no guarantee that dreams will come true. For some, things just happen the way they dreamed. Dreams are shattered for the great majority of people. Yet we dream that it is part of our everyday lives. You will always see light despite the darkness, no matter how many dreams you break or how many fortunes you lose. It’s true that thousands of people around us live in this single hope. Learning to live without a lot of dreams is the key to not worrying too much. Love those whose dreams are shattered. Empowering them is necessary. People in our lives would say that this life never even existed in the dreams of ninety-nine percent if you ask them if this is the life of their dreams. But everyone dreams because there is no cost involved.


We all define success differently. For some, success may be a good job, it may mean better financing for some, others, however, might be more concerned with fame and name. All human beings aspire to attain success, and it is for this reason that they work very hard, day and night. Success and failure are actually two sides of the same coin. It is true that those who succeed in something should also be prepared to face failure because success sometimes comes to us after an array of failures. Success and failure are part of life. There are no winners or losers in life. You don’t have to want success all the time. Because it is not possible. What we need to do is to accept life as it unfolds.


Our society is characterized by some people who can’t achieve success in life. They struggle throughout their life. They work hard, but they suffer constantly. There is a saying that when we see people like this, we are assuming they are unlucky and that is why they are like this. some people say that the success of a person in a particular endeavor is totally based on luck. It is true that we cannot deny the role of luck and fate in life. It is true that not everyone is lucky. There are people who don’t have luck at all; there are people who have a lot of it. We say that luck was on their side in some cases and luck played a role in their success. There is, however, no guarantee of this. There is a saying “fortune favors the bold”. According to this saying, courageous people will appear more fortunate than others because they will face challenges and emerge victoriously.

Three things that are difficult to regain once lost in life

Respect, Faith, Friendship


Respect is a universal desire, but not everyone gets it. We have often heard, give respect and take respect. We must then first show respect and then accept it. As soon as we say respect, the first thing we think of is respecting teachers, political leaders, religious leaders, and elders. Those who are impressive for any reason are respected. Respectful behavior includes kindness, consideration, respect for others’ feelings, opinions, knowledge, wealth, and property. No one shows respect to anyone without a reason. To be respected or to be honored, we must do something. To maintain this respect, there are a few more things we need to do. It requires relentless effort. It is very difficult to regain once it has been lost.


Faith is complete confidence or trust in someone or something. One of the most valuable things in life is faith. It takes time to achieve, but it only takes moments to lose. Faith means to have full confidence in someone, but believing in someone reveals our complete confidence in them while having faith in someone means we have a firm belief in their reliability, truth, or ability. Gaining faith can sometimes take years. But even a few moments can cause it to slip away. Once lost, it is lost forever. Thus, gaining faith and maintaining faith is equally important. If it is lost, do not assume it can be recovered.


As one of the greatest blessings in this world, friendship enables one to live a joyful existence. It is well known that life in this world is not pleasant. It is advantageous to have a friend whose love and support you can rely upon in times of need. Friendship is still a complicated issue because finding a real friend can be difficult. We often find comfort in our good friends and good friendships. Even close friends can quarrel over trivial matters, causing enmity and even murder. Remember that once a quarrel has occurred, it is difficult to reconcile.  It is normal for problems to occur, but these should not be inflated and lead to major problems. Communication is the key to solving problems. It is necessary, to tell the truth, and correct misperceptions.

The three things you must do in order to succeed in life

Hard work, Sincerity, Dedication

Hard work

Hard work is the key to success. God always rewards hardworking people. Life is not always rosy. We must earn our bread by sweating. The only way to achieve anything in life is to work hard. The principle of Charles Darwin applies to human beings as well. We will see a day when the lazy and idle will no longer have a place in society. Throughout history, hard workers have succeeded. History will record their name in gold letters. Goals will always be their focus. This will require a lot of hard work on their part. No matter what obstacles they face, they will overcome them and keep going. They will always be remembered by the world. Considering the constant adversity Columbus endured, no one would have blamed him if he turned back. Nobody would have remembered him either.


Sincerity is a necessary quality for success. Honesty, directness, and avoiding deception, fraud, or misrepresentation are hallmarks of sincerity. Success in any field requires the quality of sincerity. A man’s success depends on his sincerity, for instance, in the business world. In the absence of sincerity, others will refuse to do business with him, and business will surely suffer. In contrast, if a businessman has a reputation for sincerity, he will prosper. The most prominent characteristic that we find in the lives of great men is sincerity. Society generally rewards sincere people with high reputations. Sincerity is not as easy as we think in this modern world, as it requires a lot of mental strength.


Whether it be an intangible task, the desired end result, or a goal, dedication means being entirely committed to that thing. More specifically, giving a lot of time and energy to something that is important. A dedicated individual is someone who is dedicated to some particular purpose or cause. The country’s greatest asset is its dedicated workers. For any enterprise to be successful, we must have reliable employees. Regardless of the field, success requires dedication. There will always be people who are sincerely dedicated to every successful venture.

The three most valuable things in life

Love, Confidence, Good friends


Love, there is no other word on this planet as beautiful as this. The word “love” cannot be replaced by any other word. Every aspect of human life revolves around a fundamental emotion called love. There was a time when all you knew was love. That is childhood. Children who ask neither caste nor religion, nor what political party they belong to. Love is all that a child knows. But what to do? It is the age of ignorance, according to the fools. Our hallmark and face should be our loving words. Having a loving demeanor should be our complexion and our beauty must be a loving mind. What is love? In simple terms, we can say that do not forget those who help, do not hate those who love and don’t deceive those who believe. There are times when giving up is also love. Is that so? No. There is much more to say.  There are no limits to what can be said about love.


Confidence is a state of mind wherein a person pushes their limits and encourages belief in themselves. The key to success is confidence. It is important to have confidence in order to succeed. If not, the first step towards success would be lost. When a person has self-confidence, they are halfway to victory. Being confident in oneself means being confident in one’s abilities. What strategies can we use to increase our self-confidence? Everyone has some talent. Take a moment to consider your strengths. Don’t speak negatively about yourself. Put on something that gives you a feeling of well-being and adjust your posture. It won’t happen if you believe you can’t. However, if you believe in your ability, success is guaranteed.

Good Friends

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” is a well-known saying. True friends are people we can rely on in times of need who are sincere and honest. Good friends are also a source of happiness. Nowadays, the word friendship is thrown around very lightly. It is true that true friends are rare. It is generally true that all the people we call our friends are actually our acquaintances and not our friends. On the other hand, a true friend shares our joys as well as our sorrows. He is a true advisor to us and always a well-wisher. Lord Krishna’s friendship with Sudhama is an example of genuine friendship. In this case, Krishna was a king, while Sudhama was a poor Brahmin. Marx and Engels are other examples of a classic friendship. Engels was a rich mill owner, while Marx was a poor philosopher. Fairweather friends are many, but finding a loyal friend is very difficult. It is a blessing in disguise to have a good friend.

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