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Different Perspectives on LOVE this Valentine’s Day

Various thoughts on love

A day dedicated to lovers. Isn’t it lovely? A year has 365 days and we set aside a lot of days for many things and celebrations.  It would be nice if there was a day just for lovers. Would you like a day for lovers as well? Because there is no emotion more written than Love or Romance in this world. Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to lovers. Who invented it?  Why this is celebrated on February 14th? Before we talk about all these, let’s look at what love is. Because the purpose of this day is to celebrate love, so let’s first explore what love is.

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True love – what is it?

One of the most profound emotions known to mankind is love. Love can take many forms, but most people express it as a romantic relationship. Every action in the world is derived from a major emotion called love. It is considered to be the focal point of all worldly activities. It is love that determines the beauty of life. Are there differences between love and romance, or are they both the same? Romance is temporary, but love is permanent. Another opinion is that love is eternal and romance is volatile. Relationships move forward with love as the fuel. It keeps a relationship alive, exciting, and meaningful. Love is a feeling of trust that takes over when you find someone who is reliable. We receive benefits from giving love to others in the sense that it touches our hearts and makes us feel connected to others, that it provides stability and security, that it removes fear, and that it makes us feel good about ourselves towards others. Having a healthy relationship requires communication, respect, boundaries, trust, and support.

True Love or Romance

 If one person falls in love with another just for his or her looks, then that is only an attraction. If someone loves another person because of his or her intelligence and smartness, it is just respect. However, if you don’t know why you like someone, then it is TRUE LOVE or ROMANCE. Being loved more than loving is the most beautiful thing about romance. Love is the subject of all poets’ works. It is impossible to find a poet who doesn’t write about love. There is no singer who does not sing about love. Love is sung by every singer. There are no movies without romance. Many stories and poems centered around love. It’s rare to find a person who does not have an internal love affair despite the fact that it may not be expressed externally.

An Overview of the History of Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine was a Catholic priest living in Rome during the third century who is credited with giving the day its name. The legends about St Valentine have evolved over time into the legends we know today. Valentine’s Day is mostly associated with romantic love. Valentine’s Day is observed in some parts of the globe as a day to express love between friends and family members rather than romantic couples. The holiday of Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, is celebrated each year in February, the day when lovers convey their love through gifts and greetings. There has been a suggestion that the holiday has its roots in Lupercalia, the Roman festival held mid-February.

There are times when love is painful

Love is truly beautiful, no doubt about it. However, love can also be painful at times. For some, love can be tragic. Romantic marriages don’t always succeed. Not all romantic marriages are happy. A year or two later, there are those who believe this no longer applies. There are also those who get divorced and move on to another life. There are people whose love does not lead to marriage. The relationship ends due to pressure from the family or for some other reason. This is a very painful moment. A real sacrifice.

Extramarital affairs are another painful relationship. People who live as a family leave their children and spouse and move in with someone else. There are also those who endanger their own children in order to live with those they love. Some super-intelligent people enter into relationships without the knowledge of their spouses or partners. How can this be love? How do we define these types of love?

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When love turns violent 

There are times when love is not beautiful. We should not insist that all those we love should return their love. Many reasons can lead to love being rejected. Some people attempt to endanger the lover when their love is rejected. Most of the victims are girls. Also, there is some villainess. When it is impossible to comprehend the realities then he gets into a frenzy of not getting her for anyone. As a result, he chose the path of crime. Youth who choose the path of crime is becoming a continuum. Are young minds not healthy? The mind that reaches the peak of self-conflict chooses to overcome the trauma in the vile way of life either ending his own life or that of his lover. What I do not get, let no one else get, as a result, girls are killed. The feeling of love does not have to be felt by everyone. Some will accept and some will reject. Don’t risk them by trying to endanger them when love is rejected. Must have the mental health to say goodbye with a full heart. Thoughts of ending a relationship healthily and peacefully do not occur. This is what leads to violence.

  • Although it is said that love has no eyes, there are a few things lovers need to know
  • Please don’t feel a mad desire for anyone.
  • Don’t love anyone just for fun or desire.
  • Their tears will haunt you for the rest of your lives as a curse.
  • If there is no sincerity in a relationship, whether it is love, friendship, or romance, it can only be called acting.
  • Must have the ability to discern those who show intimacy and love only to satisfy their needs.
  • Don’t open your mind honestly to everyone, regardless of the type of person.
  • If you fall in love with the beauty of someone, don’t assume that you will see this beauty on a regular basis.
  • Don’t forget that life isn’t about beauty, it’s about character.
  • Where there is love there will be complaints.
  • Complaints will lead to grievances. Whenever there is a complaint, there will be a grievance.
  • Conflict will definitely occur if there is a grievance.
  • Because where there is conflict, there is harmony. Conflict leads to harmony.
  • Life is a mixture of harmony, conflict, anxiety, sadness, and happiness.
There are some sacred love relationships

There are certain relationships that are kept sacred in the mind. In our lives, there are certain desires and loves that we cannot express. There is no explanation for why it is. That’s the situation in life. Also, if anyone asks to terminate it, that is not possible. If so, why not live together as they please? There are no answers. In addition, the situation may not permit. As a result, there are some sacred unrequited loves. That’s the love nobody else understands. However, they are able to keep that love alive until death, like a lamp that never goes out. Despite the fact that their dreams have been shattered, there are still people who do not give up when they do not get what they want. That is life. There are some expectations that even time will fail. Having someone who can understand and love is not near, but far away, if such a person is there, then it is definitely a benefit or an asset. Being able to talk to someone who understands the situation is a comfort to one’s mind, even if they aren’t nearby. It is a blessing to be the lover of such a person. We definitely need someone like that, only if you are sure it will not be lost.

The most beautiful right on earth

We associate the word love with the symbol of the heart. One of the most beautiful places one can visit is in the heart of another one. It is the most beautiful thing in the world to be in someone else’s heart. True love is an emotion that exists between happy, passionate, and fulfilling spouses or lovers. There isn’t a more written emotion than love. There are some who bury their own love and desires in their hearts. This is due to many reasons. There are those who secretly hold a favorite girl or young man in their hearts. Keeping their love in mind, they will live. In any case, it is one of the most beautiful rights. Remembering someone without asking their permission is the most beautiful right on earth. Remembering someone in our heart is a silent way of saying “you matter to me”.

Here are some benefits of not having a girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • Sleeping well is possible. You can sleep peacefully.
  • There is no need to pay attention to missed calls.
  • Eating well is possible.
  • A lot of money and time is not wasted on makeup.
  • They can study if they are students, and they can work quietly if they are officials.
  • No need to lie too much.
  • Others will not envy us.
  • Don’t get bored with a lot of praise.
  • Mobile recharge will be reduced.
  • There is no need to remember the date of birth and don’t buy birthday gifts.
  • Having more time to spend with family

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