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Expensive medicines which are not available in medical shops

Expensive medicines which are not available in medical shops

Medical shops are an integral part of our life. It can be said that there are no people who have not visited medical shops at least once in their life. Because we all have some kind of disease and suffer from many ailments. If we get sick, we visit the doctor and the doctor examines us in detail and prescribes medicine. With this note, we will go to the medical shop and buy the medicine. Life-saving medicines prescribed by the doctor are dispensed by the medical shop staff. Therefore, pharmacists must be knowledgeable, informed, and aware. Because they don’t just dispense the medicine, they also educate the patients about how much to take and when to take it. No matter what the medicine is, only if it is taken in the right amount at the right time, the patient will recover quickly.  So, now we understand that medical shops play an important role in our lives. But here we are going to talk about the expensive medicines which are not available in the medical shops.

Expensive medicines which are not available in medical shops

Exercise is a medicine

When talking about medicines that are not available in the medical shop but are very expensive, the first thing to talk about is exercise. There are so many benefits of doing exercise. Let’s see what happens to our bodies if we practice regular exercise. Regular exercise prevents many health problems. Exercising provides more oxygen and nutrients to our tissues and helps our cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When heart and lung health improve the body naturally has more energy, which makes our daily tasks easier. Exercise can help you lose weight, improve muscle strength, increase “good” cholesterol, and lower unhealthy triglycerides. Exercising increases blood flow to the brain, making you more alert and enthusiastic.

A morning walk is a beneficial exercise for children, adults, and youth alike. It keeps us fit and fresh throughout the day. A morning walk refreshes the mind and body and improves health. A morning walk is an ideal exercise for those who cannot do strenuous exercise. Needless to say, the morning walk gives our lungs fresh air, which is very essential for the body. If people suffering from obesity practice morning walks, the results will be amazing. Be it summer or monsoon for any reason, we should not skip our morning walk and let it become a part of our life.

Peace of mind is a medicine

Peace of mind means a calm state without mental stress or anxiety. Are you always anxious and worried? Do you worry constantly? If so, you will never have peace of mind. Peace of mind is essential for mental and physical health. So, what is peace of mind? The definition of peace of mind varies from person to person because everyone’s problems are different. There are many reasons why everyone loses their peace of mind. However, a universally accepted definition would be a state of being without fear or anxiety about anything but being happy and satisfied. If we ask where to get this peace of mind, we have to make our own peace of mind. We have to take responsibility for our own peace of mind and it cannot be bought in any medical shop.

There will be problems in our life. When one ends, the other starts. So, what should we do? When there are problems and difficulties around us, we must find a silver lining. There is one, we must find it. As someone said, when God closes a door, He opens a window. Likewise, when He sends us a crisis to test us, He also gives us the strength to overcome it. Find silver linings without getting overwhelmed by problems. Accept reality as reality and calmly find solutions. Don’t rush into anything and don’t react to any action in haste. Take time to respond and be grateful for everything. Then there will be the peace of mind by itself. Peace of mind is a gift, a gift that comes from within us. Peace of mind is something that we can easily develop and cultivate ourselves if we make an effort.

Fasting is a medicine

Fasting is another medicine not available in the medical shop. Fasting, by definition, means complete or partial cessation of food intake for a specified period of time. There are those who fast for one day i.e. twelve hours or 24 hours. Some skip one early meal one day a week, such as the midday meal or the late-night meal. Others, on the other hand, fast one day a week from 6 am to 6 pm. Fasting has many benefits, such as controlling our body weight, controlling blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and improving cardiovascular health. When our body is in a fasting state, blood glucose levels drop, resulting in less insulin production, and the body begins to use stored energy (carbohydrates) during fasting. After that our body starts burning the stored fat as it runs out of stored energy.

Many studies have been done on how many hours or days a fast should be taken. Fasting for short periods of 12 to 18 hours or longer periods of up to 24 hours is said to be best. There are no particular side effects of this fast. However, for people with certain conditions, such as diabetes, fasting and skipping meals are not good and can be dangerous. Similarly, those who are undergoing treatment for blood pressure, heart disease, or any other diseases should fast with the doctor’s permission.

Positivity in mind is medicine

Positivity is something that gives energy to both body and mind. It can be said that there is no better medicine than that. This medicine is not available at medical shops. A positive mental attitude is one of the most important values ​​to cultivate in life. If our attitude is positive, so will our thoughts, resulting in more energy, better mental and physical health, and happier life. Only if we are positive can we understand what is positive in others. Do not under any circumstances be attracted to the negative qualities of others. When we say that we should be positive, it is not enough to just think and believe that only good things will happen. Also, we should be tolerant of the shortcomings of others, those around us, and those we are connected with. But never tolerate or justify our own shortcomings. At the same time, through regular testing and practice, understand and identify our own weaknesses and try to eliminate them.

Realize that every person around us has a divine life force shining and pulsating through. Never focus our attention on finding others’ faults, by that we accomplish nothing. Never focus our attention on finding others’ faults, by that we never gain anything. If positivity is to become a rhythm of life, we need to practice ascetically severe austerities. This does not mean that you should go to the forest and do austerity. A life of simplicity, unadorned, shunned of excessive pleasures, and a compact life, that is what is meant here.  The purpose of this austerity is to purify the mind which will enable us to enter into the highest levels of positivity. When our mind is filled with good thoughts, love contentment, and other divine virtues are very near to positivity. If we take one step toward positivity, then positivity will take ten steps toward us.

Expensive medicines which are not available in medical shops
Good words are medicine

Good words are another expensive medicine that is not available in the medical shop. Good words have the power to heal, guide, and inspire. Sometimes good words are stronger than medicines. Words can improve relationships, bring efficiency to organizations, and solve problems. Words should come from the heart. The exchange of words should be from heart to heart and not from head to head. Sweet words change the rifts between people, soothe pains, give confidence, help forget sorrows, remove confusion, bring people closer and improve interpersonal relationships.

The power of words is immense. Words have the ability to boost a person’s self-confidence, especially for the healthy development of children, which means words of confidence are essential for mental health. Therefore, we have to be careful when using words. Even bad news i.e. sad news or scary news can be softened and communicated with good words. Good or positive words can activate the motivational centers of the brain and thus promote the cognitive function of the brain. Words have the ability to express feelings and share knowledge. In short good words can completely change someone’s mood and make a drastic change in them. Can you get medicine like this in the shop no matter how much you pay?

Deep breathing of oxygen is a medicine

As we know oxygen is one of the most essential for all living things including humans. All living things need oxygen to grow, reproduce, and convert food into energy. Let’s see how deep breathing becomes medicine. Before that don’t forget that there is a difference between deep breathing and fast breathing. Deep breathing allows the body to take in more oxygen. Deep breathing of oxygen is more efficient because air spends more time in the lungs when breathing is slowed. Hence deep breathing helps the complete exchange of incoming oxygen with outgoing carbon dioxide. Deep breathing slows your heart rate and balances hormones, lowering cortisol levels and increasing the body’s rush of endorphins.

Deep breathing can help lower and stabilize blood pressure as well as reduce stress. The up-and-down movement of the diaphragm during deep breathing increases blood flow and helps remove toxins from the body. Thus, a clean, non-toxic and healthy blood supply helps to ward off infection-causing germs and strengthen the body’s immune system. Increased blood flow leads to more oxygen reaching the body and thus increased oxygen levels lead to increased energy levels. Deep breathing improves focus in the brain and thus improves memory. When you breathe deeply, the body releases feel-good hormones like endorphins. It is a natural pain reliever. Deep breathing of oxygen improves digestion, helps to sleep better, and relaxes body and mind alike. Now you will understand how deep breathing of oxygen becomes a medicine.

Love is a medicine

Love is a magical medicine with miraculous powers. We all want to love and be loved. Loving care not only cures any disease but also increases life span and maintains a healthy heart. We visit our loved ones i.e. friends and relatives when they are ill because the love and sincerity in these relationships lead to their speedy recovery. Those who give love abundantly and those who receive love in abundance have fewer illnesses. This includes physical ailments and mental ailments. Even if illness comes, these good love relationships will help to prevent health conditions from deteriorating.

When we are in love our brain produces a hormone called dopamine which is associated with happiness, pleasure, and positivity. Similarly, loving touch and caress release some other hormones. These hormones reduce stress hormones and therefore reduce depression and anxiety. Another thing is that studies have shown that individuals who produce these hormones have stronger immune systems, so they can easily fight off illnesses like colds or flu. If we have someone to love and be loved, we will protect our health for them and take care of their health. Don’t you understand now how love works as a medicine? Remember this expensive medicine is not available in the medical shop.

Expensive medicines which are not available in medical shops

Deep sleep is medicine

Deep sleep is not only a medicine but also a blessing. There are many people around us who suffer from not being able to sleep well. The problem for some people is that they don’t get time to sleep, while for others, even if they lie down, they don’t get sleep. The reasons can be many, sometimes it may be physical problems or mental problems, or it may be work pressure, sometimes it may be the distance between home and workplace, and sometimes it may be other problems besides this. But if you are able to sleep deeply then you are lucky or lucky because the benefits of deep sleep are numerous.

During deep sleep, body and brain waves slow down, and breathing and heart rate slow down, but our ability to fight germs and form memories increases. Glucose metabolism in the brain increases during deep sleep, which greatly aids short-term and long-term memory and overall learning. t is during deep sleep that our body’s pituitary gland secretes important hormones such as growth hormone and builds and repairs muscles, bones, tissues, and immune system function. So deep sleep is to some extent responsible for the growth and development of our body. Other benefits of deep sleep include energy restoration and cell regeneration. Deep sleep has a lot to do with our health.

Final thoughts

There are still many medicines that are not available in the medical shop and are expensive. For example, wishing good for everyone is medicine, deciding to be happy is medicine, and living in harmony with everyone is great medicine. Another medicine is eating and enjoying with families, laughter and humor are great medicines and sometimes silence is also a medicine. The best part is that all these medicines are absolutely free. Although very expensive, it does not cost us a single rupee. And another thing is that you don’t need to be afraid even if these medicines are a little too much. The point is that there will be no problems due to the increased dose. But the sad thing is that none of us use these medicines properly.

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