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We should mind our language

We should mind our language

Why it is said that we should mind our language?

How do people understand each other? Talking is one way, isn’t it? Then a language is necessary to speak. Here comes the question, what is a language? Language is a set of sounds used by the people of a region or country to speak or write to each other. It is not only a communication system but also a part of the culture. Without spoken language, there would have been no such thing as human civilization.  In our daily life, we have to talk to many people. We need language to express our needs, share experiences, exchange information, and express our feelings. Now let’s see whom we have to talk to. The first time a baby talks to its mother and father, or to its siblings. As the baby grows, it gets acquainted with many people and consequently communicates with many people. Relatives, friends, teachers, people we meet on the way, and so many people we talk to and listen to them. No matter whom we are talking to, many things need to be taken care of. We should mind our language.  Everyone should not be talked to the same way. There are certain rules to follow while speaking. Be careful to speak politely to anyone, even if it is impossible.

When to speak, when to remain silent, what to say to each one, what words to include while speaking to someone, to know all this, you need to be discerning. Sweet talk or rhetoric is an art. If our eyes are positive, we can see the good and the world seems beautiful to us. We will love this world. But if the world wants to like us, our tongue and language have an important role to play in it. If our tongue is positive, the world around us will like us. In short, we should mind our language. One who desires success loves success, and strives to be successful will not make enemies with his tongue. They will be very careful in their talk. It is a fact that controlling the tongue is not so easy. In fact, our tongue is wet and slippery, so there is every possibility of slipping. Whether we are happy, sad, or angry, this slippery tongue should be under our control. Otherwise, the risk of danger is high. God does not like the hardness of the tongue. That is why the tongue has no bone. And not just to shout out everything that comes out of your mouth. The tongue is a very small organ and weighs very little, but very few people know how to handle it. There are people among us who cause many problems just because they do not know how to control their tongues.

We should mind our language

People are different and their nature is also different

When talking about we should mind our language, the first thing to say is that people are different and their nature is also different.  Some are soft-spoken. Some people talk a lot and some less. Some, on the other hand, will win many friends through their sweet and frank conversation. And there are others whose words seem as if they were born only to speak. Some have the compulsion to hate others with their speech. There is another group whose speech, no matter how patient the listeners may be, will lose control and become angry. People are different and they will say many things but it is up to us to decide how to respond to them. So, keep control. Don’t let anyone else control us. There are others who do not say anything directly to those who need to be told and then go around telling others about their faults and shortcomings. If they don’t say that, they won’t sleep. There are others who are not included in any of this. They are the people who give us comfort in a single word, never lose them.

Sweet talk is an art, a tact

In any sphere of life, it is very beneficial to be able to attract others by speaking politely rather than offending them. As much as possible, we should try to be tactful, even if it is a little difficult. Here we define tact as not creating an enemy with our speech but creating a new friend with our sweet talk. There is no minus point here but one plus point has been obtained. If we can’t sweet someone then don’t worry, we can talk sweetly instead, and it has no loss, no cost. When dealing with people, whether they are acquaintances or not, we should always be cautious in our speech. As much as possible, we should be persuasive and sweet-talking. So, always, we should mind our language. The power of language is immense. Harsh talkers cannot sell even sweet honey, but sweet talkers can easily sell hot chilies and bitter gourds.

Before you speak

Think before you speak. Let your words pass through these four gates, the first gate is, is this true? Is it necessary to say this now? Is there any benefit for me by telling them this? Is there any benefit for the listeners by listening to this? If there is no benefit to anyone, then why waste time? Hurting others is very easy. It is very easy to wound with words, like cutting down a tree. But making them happy, appreciating, and encouraging them is as difficult as planting and growing a tree. Haven’t you heard, an acute word cuts deeper than a sharp weapon?  The effects of a deep wound, made with a sharp weapon, will be painstaking and irritating, and the healing process will take several weeks or months. However, physical wounds are nothing compared to mental ones. Even though physical injuries are painful and take a very long time to heal, they are not as severe as mental injuries caused by harsh words. Human tongues can sometimes be as sharp as a double-edged sword because the words they utter can damage our minds forever. That is why it is said that we should mind our language.

 Mental wounds are particularly dangerous because they are irreparable and, as a result, can damage human relationships. A word once spoken cannot be taken back, so one must be extremely careful when speaking. Before you try to hurt someone with your words, get a piece of paper and crumple it up. After that, straighten the curl and try to make it look like before. No matter, how hard you try, you can’t make it the same as before. right? This piece of paper represents people’s hearts. Once you hurt someone, it’s hard to be like it used to be. So, think carefully about what you say before you say something hurtful. Instead of hurting someone else with our words, why not try to make people around us happy? Believe it or not, a major cause of problems in our families is the words that come out of our mouths. Never win people with arguments. Always be considerate and kind. Our goal in life should be to help others but if you can’t help them then don’t help them, it doesn’t matter. But don’t hurt them with words.

The power of words

Some kind and loving words are more powerful than medicine. There are those who comfort by words. No matter how conflicted, angry or distant, a kind word can open a heart more easily than a key can open a door. There are words so pure of love that they can extinguish the fires of anger and hatred in the human heart. There are those who dissolve all grievances and sadness in one short sentence. Such people are always an asset to our lives. We should mind our language because a kind word is more precious than expensive gifts. A kind word can bring happiness for a lifetime. Some people’s words have the power to provide support with love and courage in times of crisis when they fail in life. Their words alone are enough to move forward with confidence. There is no greater weapon than words and no greater gift than words.

We should mind our language

Appreciate those who deserve appreciation. The miraculous power of compliments can lead to extraordinary performances. Appreciation at the right time can give many people the ability to excel in their fields of work. Verbal encouragements, compliments, and acknowledgments should be received while alive, not after death. Words can destroy one’s life, make a thief saint, make a lie true, and spread evil as good. That is the power of words. We need to learn to use our words in ways that are useful to others. That is why it is said we should mind our language. It is not a big thing to speak loudly when angry, but it is a very big thing to speak softly when angry.

Many of us suffer from bunkum

According to the dictionary, bunkum means insincere or foolish talk or nonsense. They talk too much. Unfortunately, many of us are suffering from this kind of foolish talk. Many of us tend to talk even when there is no need to speak. Their thinking is that the one who talks the most knows the most and others will like what I talk about. If this trend continues, the person will most likely be led to an embarrassing situation. Because this is also a form of slavery. Not only can they not stop talking, but they will interfere with everything. This behavior destroys their personal relationships or leads to strain in their personal relationships. So, the claptrap speech is enough on the ground. Not at home or among friends. Therefore, we should not speak when we do not need to, and even when we need to speak, we should be very measured in what we speak, and in no case should we speak more than we need to speak.

Some people think that they are great jokers. Therefore, they think that everyone likes what they say. Such people will crack their jokes in any audience. But there is one thing such people should remember “brevity is the soul of wit”. It is the ability to present the matter in the most attractive way. And that is the essence of any wit. It is not possible to judge wit’s quality based on its long words and beautiful expressions, just as one cannot judge the value of a thing based on its size. The wittiest remarks are usually brief and short. Short flashes of wit are often the most humorous. When it comes to giving speeches and sermons, this principle holds true. It is common for some people to express the same idea repeatedly through different words and expressions. Listeners have difficulty grasping ideas when they are spoken in a prolonged manner. Although the words may enter the ear, they don’t touch the heart, that is the problem.  In fact, a speaker’s talent can be measured by his ability to convey an idea in short and crisp sentences. Additionally, a talented speaker will select the right words so that others are able to understand the idea clearly.

Let’s make the truth more attractive

Although we want to tell the truth, sometimes we can’t tell the truth if the listeners don’t like it or what they will think. Because when a truth is told, the response to it will be different in many people. Generally, we all like people who say good things about us but resent them when they tell the truth. Sometimes it is difficult to present the truth as the truth. It seems that those who value emotion sometimes react too quickly. But wise people are slow to react. In such cases, we will have to look for other ways. That is, the truth should be told as the truth, but the truth should not upset them. So instead of saying that the ‘yellow shirt does not suit someone ‘, one can definitely say that ‘while the yellow shirt is looking fine, the blue shirt would look wonderful or much better’. To give another example, if a curry made by the mother at home is not very good, it should be said in a way that does not cause trouble. So, let’s say this, the curry is very good but if it was a bit spicy it would have been even better. Here the listeners will not have any problem and we have presented the things. Still, there may be situations in life or at work when we need to call a spade a spade.

Call a spade a spade

There are many situations in life that require a lot of restraint. However, when it is necessary to respond, respond as it should. Don’t be unresponsive there. We respond not to make them like us but to clarify our own position. It is said that the most appropriate method one should adopt to convey a message is to express it in simple words. if one wants to convey the idea of a spade to another, the best word he can use is spade itself. There may be many words and expressions with the same meaning that can be used instead. But sometimes, none of it will be 100% effective because some words will confuse the listeners. Some people think that long phrases and roundabout expressions attract others. But such a view is completely wrong, in fact, such a way of speaking is likely to bore the listener. Usually, people admire straightforwardness. Tell the truth without having anything to hide. But remember one thing we should mind our language.

Sometimes, it is good to be silent

Sometimes silence is a language too. Silence itself is a great art of conversation. Silence has many meanings. Sometimes our response or answer to certain things is silence. It is not that there is nothing to say, there is a lot. But will remain silent. But some people open their mouths where they are not needed and invite embarrassment. Silence is golden on such occasions and it is a decoration. According to Abraham Lincoln, it is better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and be ashamed of every event in every place and time. But there is one thing to note, our silence should not be taken as our weakness.

The mouth should be opened where the mind needs to be opened, and the things that need to be talked about should be talked about. Because two things indicate our weaknesses. One is to be silent when it is necessary to speak and the second is to speak when it is proper to be silent. Being silent has many benefits. One of them is that silence is the first condition of being a good listener. If we cannot be silent, we cannot learn the wisdom that others may have. So, when we speak, we need to speak in a way that people listen to us, and when we listen, we need to be good -listeners and listen in a way that people speak to us. That is, we should always be patient and spread joy. Next, never try to win quarrelsome men with arguments, rather defeat them with your silence. Because people who always wish to argue with you, cannot bear your silence.

Final thoughts

We were talking about our words and tongues or simply we should mind our language. Whatever we say and to whom we say it, we should always be careful about what we say. Our words must have ‘life’ and the hearers must feel it. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how the power of a word can go so far forward or pull us back. So, before you say a sentence or before you utter a word, stop and think for a moment, think about the impact and effect it will have, and then decide whether or not to speak. As Shakespeare said, ‘never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a lifetime’. So, we should mind our language and always be careful with our tongue. While handling our self we should use our heads, but while handling others we ought to use our hearts.

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