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Life's struggles make us strong

Life’s struggles make us strong

If someone asked you what makes you strong, what would you say? Is it because of drinking Horlicks? Or Boost is the secret of my energy and strength? Or is it because of daily exercise? Sometimes you may say that good food, health supplements, exercise, and sleep are the reason for my strength. But in truth these are not what makes us strong, it is the constant struggles of life that make us strong. Life’s struggles make us strong

 Life’s struggles are the spices of life

Many problems in life, and struggles against them, are described as the real beauty of life. When people’s lives are subjected to many struggles and they never give up and fight bravely to end the problem and succeed in it, it makes life beautiful and powerful beyond all description. It is only when various struggles, problems, and experiences arise then only we realize that we have the strength and ability to face them. Only then does life become beautiful and enjoyable. If there were no problems in life or if there were only good things in life, our life would actually be boring and we do not enjoy life. Let’s look at an example, today we understand the value of light only because we know what darkness is. If we had never experienced darkness, we would not have known what light was, or the value of light, and we would not have valued light so much. In other words, we must have various problems and experiences to enjoy life.

But most of us are always complaining. No matter what fortunes, often, we keep complaining about life’s struggles. The journey of life can be difficult and painful, but what matters is the path we take. Now if the path is full of thorns, notice where it leads. If there are no difficulties in the journey, if the paths are strewn with flowers, if one reaches the land of fortune, then there is no thrill in it. As someone said, if the journey is so easy, if we have no difficulty, if everything is beautiful, surely, we are going down and not up, and we will be stagnant.

Why struggles in life?

Life’s struggles throw before us different possibilities of achievement and elevation.  Whether these struggles make us stronger or weaker depends on how we deal with them. Some will fall down while dealing with these struggles, while others will fight through the challenges and come out on top in life. The worldly challenges, struggles, and hardships of material life are the touchstones of destiny to test our character to find the best within us.

If fate allows our life to pass without any difficulties or obstacles, then do not consider it lucky indeed. Actually, we are not able to use our skills here. We have many powers and abilities. We could be more powerful. If we are to realize our potential, problems and crises must continue to arise. Otherwise, we will be like a butterfly prematurely taken out of the chrysalis, never able to fly. If a thorn stuck in our foot taught us to walk carefully, then the struggles in our life will teach us how to live. Some struggles are some of the best lessons we can learn.

Don’t mourn losses

Life is not for mourning losses. Never cry over the loss. Life is like that, there can be gains as well as losses. Life is a game of gains and losses. What we achieve today may not stay with us until we die. It can be lost tomorrow and sometimes what we lost today we get tomorrow. As gains and losses are a natural phenomenon of life, we should not attach too much importance to what is lost. There is no point in crying over what is lost because crying will never bring back what has been lost. Suppose a person fails in an examination, if he develops depression and disgust at his failure, not only will the subject seem more difficult and no one will gain any benefit from it. On the contrary, what the person needs to do is to better study and analyze the various factors that led to the failure and put more effort into it. A careful assessment of such factors will help him to understand what is the cause of failure and make necessary adjustments and continue his journey toward success with more enthusiasm and vigor. All that is lost is lost forever. Don’t think too much about it and get depressed, think about how to make up for the loss.

Man longed for power, But God did not give him medicine or a mantra to make him powerful. God could have done it. But how does God make us powerful and strong? God gives us difficulties and makes us strong. He gives us the wisdom to think about how to overcome problems and difficulties. God gave us more and more problems to solve. There is a saying, the man never got what he wanted, or didn’t get, but he got everything he needed. Has anyone ever seen a lock without a key? We must always remember that no one makes a lock without a key. The same is the case with crises in our life. The problems that our life throws at us are not without solutions, they all have solutions, and we just have to find out what that solution is. 

Turn the opportunities that come your way into luck

When we humans wanted blessings, what came before them? So many opportunities, right? And did we take advantage of it? Wise, intelligent, and discerning people take advantage of every opportunity that comes before them. All opportunities are useful for such people. He who can find hidden treasure in opportunities will shine like the sun. But there are others who, even when they get a gem in their hand, throw it away without knowing its value. There may be struggles when using these opportunities for oneself or for society. The courage to overcome it, ambition, and enthusiasm are what make life colorful. So, we must have a broad perspective that helps us identify opportunities and use them for our progress. There is a little more satisfaction in the victory that comes from struggle. These struggles are what make our lives worth living. At least sometimes, some say that a person’s success in a particular endeavor is entirely based on luck. But in fact, it is basically a crime because it belittles the hard work of a diligent person. It is true that the role of luck and fate in our lives cannot be completely denied. But to blame everything on fate and run away from his responsibilities is foolish and criminal.

We have a role here

Each of us is assigned different roles. What is the true purpose of our creation?  It is believed that human life is often bright and beautiful when everything is going smoothly and comfortably. If we all are born, brought up, educated, work, have a family, children, wealth, and recognition, and live on this earth without any problems then surely that person will want immortality. When we miss the regular stages or goodies of mundane human life, we feel incomplete and problems arise. Mistakes can happen when fighting against problems. When mistakes happen, they can be distressing and painful. But over time, these mistakes are a huge collection of experiences. Those are the experiences that lead to success. And another thing is that only when we have a difficulty in life or go through problems can we find those who truly love us. It is always good to have obstacles because only then will you notice what are the different ways to overcome those problems.

In fact, if it is only good in life then life will be really boring and if there are no challenges it will be a dull life with no colors and no excitement. right? If everything in life or in this world is only good then why we are born in this world or why we are brought into this world? If everything in the world is good, if it is only good, do we have a place in this world? Of course, we have no place in it, isn’t that the truth? If we are brought into this world, we have a role here, a duty to improve the world around us, we have to find a role for ourselves.  There may be many obstacles and struggles and these obstacles and struggles strengthen us. It is these challenges that help us bring out the hidden talents within us. Life’s struggles make us strong.

Life’s struggles are the spices of life
Life’s struggles are the spices of life
Inner strength

There is something called inner strength or inner peace. Inner peace enables us to overcome life’s struggles and face life situations well. We just have to face the challenges that life’s circumstances throw in front of us. Haven’t you heard to accept life as it unfolds? If we are self-sacrificing and wise, we can be calm and composed in spite of the provocations we face. Sometimes we can’t stand some people and no matter how hard we try to get along with them, we can’t. This is where inner strength comes into play. Only they can take it easy and deal with difficult people without avoiding them. This is also a struggle. These are the ones who truly enjoy life and make their lives and the lives of others beautiful. It is a skill that not everyone has. Withdrawal is an option and if we avoid people like this, what’s the thrill in that, it leads to nonachievement. All this requires patience and self-confidence. Self-confidence, patience, and courage are born with inner peace. It is said that there are no problems without solutions. It is always good to have obstacles and crises in life because only then do we notice what are the various ways to overcome those problems. Actually, these struggles are a blessing in disguise. Don’t you understand now? life’s struggles make us strong.

Don’t be overwhelmed by difficulties

The touch me not plant is a reminder. What does touch me not plant teach us? Don’t you see that no matter how many times the leaves of that plant fall down, they will rise again with strength within a certain time? Getting tired in a crisis is not a failure. And what is a failure here? Failure is not getting up from where you fell down. You have to bounce back from exhaustion with tenfold strength. Haven’t you heard that cross the stream where it is shallowest? Crossing a strong flowing stream is not easy. It is a dangerous job that requires great planning and calculations. If one is careless, there is a high chance of being swept away by the strong current. Try to find shallow spots and try to cross the stream to avoid getting stuck in an accident or mess. This is also true when it comes to solving problems in our daily lives. We should listen and think about them properly. A wrong action taken without deliberation, care, and thought is very dangerous. So, the first step is to understand the problems and find an easy solution for them.

How to escape from struggles?

Life struggles are a part of life. The best way to get out of it is to resolve it. If it’s a problem that can be solved, don’t worry about it, just solve it. If there is no way to solve the problem, then what is the point of worrying about it? So, we should not fear at all and face and overcome all our obstacles with full conviction and determination. It takes confidence. It is in our life’s struggles that we are tested and reveal our true nature. So, don’t get upset in difficult moments or we should behave like a duck. Have you noticed the duck? Ducks are calm when we see them on the surface but underneath, they are paddling. When the storms of disaster, sickness, failure, losses, and sorrows blow upon us in life, like an eagle we must soar above them, setting our minds and beliefs on our life’s mission. In truth, it is not the struggles of life that weigh us down. Our failure is our inability to handle them, and that is what makes us weak.

Final thoughts

Can you get oil if you don’t squeeze the olives? No. Similarly, remember that if flowers are not crushed, there is no perfume. So, if you have experienced any difficulties in life then don’t worry. Life’s struggles are bringing out the best in us. We all know how gold is transformed into an ornament. It is subjected to extreme heat, hammered, and subjected to a lot of pain and turns into a beautiful piece of jewelry. A stone becomes a statue at the end of many sufferings. The more struggles we experience in life, the more difficulties we overcome, and the more we become valuable. Some organisms thrive best in hot climates, while others thrive in cooler climates. Always remember that our destiny places us where we grow best or where it is most favorable to us. Therefore, we should enjoy life no matter what the situation is. Aging is inevitable and we cannot stop it. But surmounting all odds and advancing to heights is optional.

Our efforts make us successful. There is no point in relying on luck for success and blaming luck for failure. Life can be compared to bicycle riding. The cycle moves forward by getting kicks. the struggles and the problems in our life must be pushed under our feet to move forward. A person who is aiming for success will have the energy to go through struggles and crises. An easy way to deal with struggles is to mentally prepare for them before they arise. This cannot be obtained from textbooks but from various experiences. the mind must be sharpened through experience.

Don’t worry about how to overcome all this. Life is a constant struggle. Remember, our life is a chance. It is a dream to be realized and a beauty to be enjoyed. Fulfill life by taking on obstacles as a challenge and facing them with adventure. Never ruin this life. Life’s struggles are part of our life. But overcoming all of them is called the art of life.

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