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Why is it important to punish your child?

Why is it important to punish your child?

Should children be punished?  Why is it important to punish your child? Is there anything wrong with punishing children? So many questions are there. All of us are raising children. We all want our children to grow up well-behaved and disciplined. We have punished them so they do not fall into wrongdoing, grow in goodness, become beloved by everyone, and be useful to their home and country. Old-time parents used to say that even if you have only one child, you should raise it with a stick. It was an idea put forward by civilized society that parents should not punish their children. They insisted that not only did the parents stop punishing them, but the teachers also should not punish them, they should not punish them, and they should not even roll their eyes at the children. As a result, a generation untouched by politeness, decency, and culture is being raised here. Whether or not we need to punish our children at home or at school is debatable. A group advocates that children should be brought up by punishment. Children of the past grew up with a lot of beatings, whether at home or at school, compared to children of this generation. But during the past few decades, parents have stopped punishing naughty children at home and teachers have stopped punishing misbehaving students in schools, and a new generation has grown up unaffected by fear and cultural norms. Parents and society are now experiencing the consequences of not disciplining their children when they are young. So, the question why is it important to punish your child? is very relevant nowadays.


Should we punish children or not?

To punish children or not? One group argues that children should be punished while another group argues that punishment causes psychological and physical reactions. Those in favor of punishment argue that children should be punished well and only then will they grow up disciplined on a straight path. Parents and teachers generally take punitive measures to teach children obedience and discipline. They aim for the welfare of the children. Many parents use corporal punishment. This is because they want their children to grow up disciplined. Not only that, but they also justify punishment as a means of reducing future crime.

But some others argue that beating and other forms of physical punishment do not work well to correct a child’s behavior. They argue that corporal and harsh verbal punishments, i.e. spanking, hitting, and scolding, are ineffective in correcting a child’s behavior. They also say that this will damage the physical and mental health of the child. Children subjected to such punishments feel pain, sadness, fear, anger, shame, guilt, hatred, and resentment toward their parents or teachers. Isn’t it really confusing now? The thing that is bothering us now is whether to punish the children or not. Therefore, it is not easy to give a quick answer to the question of why it is important to punish your child


Parents and teachers of previous generations

Let’s see how the teachers and parents of the previous generation treated their children. There were children in the past, unlike today, each parent had ten to twelve children. There were also harsh punishment measures, parents used to punish their children and older children punished their younger siblings. So are teachers. In the past, teachers used to punish students in school for many things such as not learning and disobedience. The children will not tell it at home if they get beaten like this. If they tell the reason, they will get a beating at home because they did something wrong at school. Things were like that then. The parents were happy to learn that the teachers had punished them from the school. If the marks in the exam are too low, the parents would have peace only knowing that they received a good beating from the hands of the teachers. All the children who grew up with such punishments reached good positions. Children always had respect for those teachers. No matter how high the position they reach, they will never forget those teachers.

Old Generation and New Generation – A Comparative Study

No matter how rich parents were in the past, children were given money only for necessities. And they would ask for what purpose this money was spent and find out if it was true. But today, a lot of money is in the hands of even small children. Many bad habits will come to them by misappropriation of money.

Look at the children of the last generation. They knew how to do household chores and work in the fields. Those who had cows and crops in their homes used to do chores before going to school and after coming from school. But today, today’s children are brought up with all the comforts without doing any work. Therefore, they do not have any kind of responsibility. They do not know what is meant by responsibility.

Today’s kids wonder how people of the older generation lived without cell phones, computers, TVs, and the internet. The older generation has only one thing to say to them, without respect, discipline, honesty, and goodness, don’t you live now?  our days were happier than yours. Do you know what that old generation is saying to today’s generation? Although our photos were black and white, our lives were beautiful and colorful.

The children of the previous generation did not spend time sitting in front of the TV, they ran and played with their friends. A whole family of children studied around a kerosene lamp and many of them have reached a high level today. Not only did children in the past have fewer lifestyle diseases, but they also did not need vitamin supplements or protein supplements. They had healthy bodies and minds.

Children of the previous generation were disciplined by their parents and teachers so they grew up with honesty, discipline, and respect for their elders. But that is not the situation today, the situation has come that adults should respect children. Today’s parents and teachers are looking for practical parenting programs that deal with these issues like, why do children have conflict? How can it be changed?

The teachers of the school love the children like their own children. That is why they are punishing them. Children share things with their teachers that they don’t even tell their parents. But if they try to correct or punish the children of this age, it will be a violation of the human rights of children. Therefore, in today’s changed situation, whether they see children fighting, going astray, smoking cannabis, studying or not studying, or going into wrong friendships, teachers have to live by pretending that they didn’t see anything. If punitive measures are taken to correct and convince them, sometimes the teachers become isolated. On the other side, the student community, parents, and political leaders will be united. Schoolchildren of the past were not addicted to drugs like this. The truth is that children have gone astray since when teachers stopped punishing them. As a result, a group of disobedient, fearless children are growing up here.

New generation children are using mobile phones excessively. There is no doubt that excessive phone use leads children astray. Their nature has changed a lot. Mobile phones play a major role in wasting our time. But mobile phones cannot be completely abandoned. Because many things cannot be done without a phone. Whatever we want to know, we need a phone. How many parents can say that their children do not use the phone for more than a certain time? Or if they say so their children will obey.

Parents should be role models

If we say that parents should be role models, parents should be an open textbook for their children. Children should be able to learn from that book. A friendly and loving atmosphere should exist in the family. It is not to say that children should not be punished. But, over caress is never good, it does more harm than good. Don’t buy everything the children ask for. Children should be taught to use money wisely. Children should be brought up by persuasion of hardships, and deprivations at home. Children who grow up like this can overcome any crisis. Or they will become the owner of a mind that cannot bear even a little sadness. Such people get tired of even trivial problems and think about suicide.

Never buy expensive clothes, phones, etc. that are inappropriate for their age. Children should be given money only for necessities. Not only that but how that money was spent and what was bought should be investigated. In children, there may be conflict and disobedience. Try to correct it with loving reproof. Don’t be mind-numbingly irritating. Parents are the best at identifying their emotional problems and weaknesses. Never compare our children with other children. Don’t tease or bully children. Never accuse them in a way that hurts their feelings. Do not approach them in a way that makes them afraid. It would be good to raise children in this way by giving them the freedom to open up to their parents in a friendly manner.

Today’s parents do not understand what their children’s thinking is. We have to inculcate good habits in our children. Their side is that parents do not understand what they are saying. So, whatever they say, we should be ready to listen patiently. Teach them to love and respect the elderly and everyone else. Teach them to love everyone regardless of caste and religion. Sow seeds of goodness and love in them.

Remember that when children leave home for study or work, many false associations and situations await them. They should be able to say ‘No’ to bad friends and bad habits. It must have taught them. Everyone says that children grow up watching their parents. They learn and imitate the virtues and habits of their parents. There should never be an alcoholic party at home celebrations. Do not use intoxicating substances in front of them, fight or speak profanity in front of them. Remember, every child is born on this earth with God’s dreams. Parents are God’s instruments to bring these dreams to fruition.

Final thoughts

Everyone loves their children. But affection should not cross the line. When mistakes are made, try to correct them.  Scolding should be done where it needs to be scolded. If they repeat the mistakes again, they should be beaten. That’s when the child will have the conviction that what was done was wrong. It’s good to remember the old sayings…Children raised by sticks and trees raised by cuttings grow straight. Don’t you understand now why it is important to punish your children?

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