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Discipline is an integral part of living

Discipline is a Valuable Quality

Importance of Discipline

Discipline is a valuable quality. First of all, what is discipline? it is a word we hear since childhood. We get the word discipline by combining ten letters (D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E) of the English language. However, there is a lot of meaning in it. Discipline is the most powerful ten-letter word in the English language. Among all the qualities that make up a person, discipline is the most fundamental. In simple terms discipline refers to self-control; discipline is the tendency to act appropriately on all occasions and to never stray from the norms of propriety. A person is disciplined when he or she understands self-control, obedience, and skill so they can behave appropriately. There is some uncertainty about how discipline should be taught and who should do it? It is important to discipline even within families.

Discipline should be cultivated from childhood

Discipline should be cultivated from childhood, and if cultivated this way, it would be an asset throughout life. If good manners are the hallmarks of a gentleman, discipline is an integral part of living and must be practiced diligently. The children must be disciplined from a very young age. Those raising children should make an effort to discipline and make the environment pleasant. First lessons in life are taught at home. It is also the first place where we are able to apply what we have studied and gained. Discipline does not mean that a good boy sits quietly all day or keeps his lips shut. Inaction or silence are not signs of discipline. Discipline is doing the right thing at the right time in the right manner. How should we apply this? Do only what needs to be done. Also, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do. Having the ability to decide what to do and what not to do is important. Secondly, we must understand how valuable time is. Doing things at the proper time is crucial or timely completion is necessary for discipline.

Doing things at the proper time is crucial

For example, do not sleep when you need to play. When it’s time to sleep, go to bed. Watching TV at that time is not appropriate. Study at the right time and don’t play at study time. A wrong lifestyle can result if all these things aren’t followed properly. The ancient Greeks said that violence occurs if things are not followed properly. Although discipline isn’t restricted within the four walls of our homes, it should be practiced first within our families. Developing a disciplined attitude and practicing obedience from the very childhood prepares one to do the same no matter where he or she goes. Every skill and virtue a person acquires at home will remain with them throughout life. An individual’s life is greatly influenced by discipline. Those with disciplined personalities are blessed with talents and genius. Discipline is like a long stream that irrigates many lands and gives value to many before emptying into the ocean. Likewise, an individual’s discipline should carry over into his family or society, ensuring good manners and obedience.

Importance of Discipline During the Educational Period

It is imperative that children learn discipline at a young age. The poet sang that the habit of childhood is up to the graveyard. It is beneficial for students to be more disciplined. The major problem today is the lack of discipline among students. This is because their families and teachers haven’t disciplined them. Discipline should be cultivated from childhood, and if cultivated this way, it would be an asset throughout life. Despite the fact that good manners are the hallmarks of a gentleman, discipline is an integral part of living and must be practiced diligently. There are so many pernicious influences in the social atmosphere that they affect their tender, impressionable minds. The influence of their surrounding environment can lead them to develop bad habits. Discipline speaks volumes about their social awareness as they learn even in the early stages of life that they should be model students, diligent in their studies, and well-behaved at home, at school, and in the community.

Discipline is an integral part of living

In the morning, students should get up, exercise, and keep trim. As well as studying the lessons of the day, they should help their parents with household chores. These are all parts of the discipline. It is important that they arrive early for school before the bell rings. The students should show their teachers that they are knowledgeable and obedient by attending their lectures. Students will be motivated to study harder if teachers say something encouraging about them. They will behave better and better if they hear that from teachers. The conduct of students in the classroom must be orderly. The school should have some restrictions. A disciplined approach does not mean very strict control. But there should be restrictions. When students disrespect the principal and teachers, how can they be successful? In schools and colleges or in any academic institutions discipline must be balanced with freedom for pupils. There needs to be a change in the atmosphere of the academic institutions. Pupils have to be given freedom and discipline at the same time. Knowledge can be acquired only in a comfortable environment. The learning environment needs to be conducive to acquiring knowledge. Educational institutions need to change their culture if there are very strict restrictions.

Is it enough to have discipline only at school or at the home?

No, Absolutely not. Discipline is demanded in all spheres of society. It is fundamental to a civilized society there be discipline. A civilized nation’s citizens act in harmony and cooperation. Aristotle rightly said: “Discipline is obedience to rules formed by society for the good of all”. Discipline is important and very desirable. As a society, we are likely to benefit from discipline, since it places some restraints on us. We will examine the details in a bit more detail. To understand discipline and liberty one has to know their meanings. As a nation, we enact laws to ensure justice and equal opportunities for all. Discipline leads to justice and fair play, it is true.

Importance of discipline in social and political life

The importance of discipline cannot be emphasized just by talking or writing about it. Having discipline is extremely important for each and every person. When discipline and regulation are lacking, material and moral degradation occurs. Losses result from a lack of discipline. It is imperative that discipline be enforced in the common interest and for the common good in order to prevent setbacks. In a democratic nation that is disciplined, human rights are not forgotten. A disciplined nation can progress, defeat external invasions and root out internal subversion. Laws are enacted by the government and enacted for welfare for the benefit of progress and welfare. The police and defense forces exercise exemplary discipline. There is a culture of discipline within the armed forces that filter down from the top. The same should apply to civilians also. Personal freedom is not taken away as a consequence of discipline. By providing guidelines to use one’s freedom judiciously, discipline allows citizens to avoid putting their lives in danger by spreading anarchy. Politics and social life require discipline as well. Without discipline, no scientific progress is possible, no industrial progress is feasible, no law system, no exploration can be undertaken, and there will not be any progress or progress made. We need discipline without curtailing human freedom.

Misconceptions about Discipline

It may not last long if the discipline is created through punishment and intimidation. Nor does it become a characteristic. Fearless but polite manners are all we need. An example of proper discipline is the discipline created by motivation, inspiration, and encouragement of others. Some people have it from birth, fortunately. Another misconception is that we don’t need discipline and it is slavery. In other words, we are incorrect in what we think is discipline. We must be able to live a disciplined life as a noble ideal, not afraid of anyone. Discipline is essential for success in life. Humanity has seen the true power of failure with a lack of discipline, despite a great amount of talent.

Let’s look at what self-discipline is

When we are discussing the importance of discipline we have to understand, what self-discipline is? It is natural to wonder what the difference is between discipline and self-discipline. There are differences between discipline and self–discipline that we will have to take into consideration. They are as different as day and night. In a classroom setting, a teacher once asked students about the difference between discipline and self-discipline. There was a wide variety of responses from children. But the teacher did not find them satisfactory. After explaining a little more, the teacher explained that self-discipline differs from discipline in the same way as the home is different from prison. Children were stunned by the explanation. It was explained by the teacher. Our home is what we lock inside ourselves once we enter, but, after we get inside if someone locks us out, it’s prison. The difference between ‘self-discipline’ and ‘discipline’ is like this.

Self-discipline is the liberating alternative

When we do not do something under compulsion or pressure that is discipline. But if we convince ourselves and say ‘no’ to ourselves and if we stay away from it, that is self-discipline. If discipline seems restrictive then self-discipline is the liberating alternative. In self-discipline, we are not controlled by anyone but by ourselves. For example, imagine you are in a library. You must remain silent because that is the rule. Talkative people might have difficulty with this, however, they keep silent. This is an example of discipline. But if you think like this, ‘I must keep quiet’ because the library requires silence to read, that is self-discipline, making a decision by oneself and remaining silent.

There are some places where there are ‘No Smoking signs. When we avoid smoking because of punishment, it is discipline. However, if a person knows smoking is harmful to their health and community in general, and he refuses to smoke out of self-control, it is self-discipline. If following discipline makes one feel like a slave or controlled by someone then practice self-discipline. We are not controlled by anyone else there but by exercising self-control. In some hospitals, especially in intensive care units, silence is required. When we don’t keep quiet in the hospital, the nurse or security may yell at us. Could this be considered disciplined or polite? In some ways, it may appear they lack discipline, but in reality, they do this as part of their discipline. Every person should possess the quality of discipline and everybody should be disciplined for the proper functioning of any system.

Consequences of not following Discipline

We have already stated that discipline should be taught from an early age. When considering the importance of discipline, it is important to understand what happens when there is no discipline. It is important to raise children properly by the following discipline. Let us consider the consequences of not following discipline

  • Those who do not follow discipline hurt themselves and others.
  • It is difficult for them to control their anger
  • They have no regard for others’ feelings.
  • When they hear criticism they explode.
  • Forgiveness is not an option for them and they won’t accept corrections.
  • They always complain and murmur.
  • Without realizing their mistakes, they repeat them.
  • They became addicted to bad habits.
  • They are unable to maintain healthy relationships.

Discipline is a valuable quality

People admire and pay attention to a person who has good discipline and obedience. In contrast, a man who lacks discipline is ridiculed and treated with contempt. The ability to maintain discipline is a key component of success in any field. People who are not disciplined, who are not decent, are not noble, or are not well behaved present a bad role models for young people. Disciplined citizens are the wealth of a nation. The growth and prosperity of a country are determined by the disciplined citizens who lived there. Human beings are complete when they have discipline, hard work, and perseverance. Let us pledge to be dutiful, honorable citizens. The bright future of any country depends on its disciplined hard-working youth.

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