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Importance of excursions

Excursions are Necessary or Not

An Excursion to Vagamon’s Mesmerizing Beauty

Excursions are an Important Part of Everyday Life

The importance of recreational activities in life cannot be overstated. An individual’s life would not be complete without recreational activities. Both mind and body are given vitality and health by them. Spending quality time together as a family is enhanced when traveling together through family excursions. Outings with the family make life happier and less stressful. We all need recreation in our lives. Almost everyone has been on vacation. It is rare for people not to go on school-sponsored trips or to go with their parents or friends. The experience of an excursion is quite interesting. An excursion is a trip away from one’s hometown, mainly for fun and enjoyment. Despite the fact that an excursion is said to be fun, it is actually something that gives us knowledge as well as entertainment. Travel is the best way to acquire new knowledge. It is for this reason that colleges and schools arrange excursion programs called study tours. Our life itself is a journey from birth to death, and an individual accumulates knowledge through self-experience rather than through textbooks. This is made possible by excursions.

Excursions Strengthen Relationships Within Families

Family ties are strengthened by family excursions. With today’s automation, humans are rushing to complete tasks. No one has time to communicate with each other or even see each other because everyone is so busy. Those who live such a life absolutely need picnics. For mental and physical health, it is important to spend time with family rather than become overly busy. Viewing new landscapes reduces mental stress. New views relieve stress on the mind. Parents can also enjoy time with their children during excursions by listening to them and engaging in fun activities with them. Children enjoy excursions as a break from their studies and homework, joy, merriment, and rejoicing with parents during these few days. An opportunity for parents to rest from their busy schedules. Each excursion is also a chance to repair the broken family. Every trip is an opportunity to reconnect with the broken family.

Exploring the Outdoors promotes Physical and Mental Health

The Physical and mental health benefits of excursions are undeniable. It is said that mental health will be improved by excursions. Taking excursions will definitely help you develop a more positive mental attitude. Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body. Preventing depression, fatigue, and irritability is very helpful through excursions. It is beneficial for children with respiratory problems like asthma to breathe fresh air. Fresh air allows the lungs to function at their best by sending plenty of oxygen through the blood. Plus, the brain gets more oxygen, so it can function better. The development of social and personal skills is promoted by excursions. An excursion is a great way to spend time with friends or family. The major benefits of taking your family on an excursion are that it helps reduce stress, increases productivity, establishes family bonds, makes children smarter, and increases their social awareness.  As children watch their parents interact with each other and with the world, they learn how to behave in society. The benefits of family excursions can be felt long-term because spending some quality time with family brings you closer to them as a person.

Exploring the Outdoors promotes Physical and Mental Health

Excursions are Pilgrimages to Diverse Cultures

The excursions broaden a man’s horizons. It helps to gain a better understanding of different cultures and countries. Also, excursions provide people with the opportunity to get to know different cultures and to understand their diverse lifestyles. If we are traveling to another state or country, it helps us to gain a better understanding of the culture and customs of those who live there. Excursions provide a better understanding of different people’s living standards in different locations. Everyday life is enriched by excursions. It’s not ok to have narrow patriotism or selfish patriotism. We must grow as universal citizens. It is through excursions that these broader meanings can be fully realized. Excursions assist in learning about the geography, climate, culture, flora, and fauna of other places. Every excursion is an opportunity to explore the diversity of humanity.

Every Excursion is a Looking Back to History

Excursions often offer a glimpse into history. A trip to a historic location can provide a glimpse into the past. Every location has its own story to tell. There is a story to be told about every place. History, legends, and myths are sometimes interconnected. Either a tale of lost glory or the story of a man who died heroically or lived a life of courage. Sometimes the story of a king or princess is passed down through grandparents’ stories. Sometimes, the history of an extinct culture or people. All of this was probably read in books. But the joy of seeing it directly is quite another thing, an entirely different experience. The soil on which their feet rested remembered us many things. When we go to a place of historic significance, we see that our imagination becomes more vivid. For example, when we reach the front of the Taj Mahal, what comes to our mind? Mughal kings and their reigns, the most glorious in world history, will be remembered by us. Then, eternal love between Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife. Our minds will be flooded with wonderful memories of Indian art, culture, and sculpture. The carving skills of our ancestors, who were extremely skilled in long hours of work, should never be forgotten. This is a place where Indian culture was signed.

Overseas Travel

If you choose a foreign country for your next trip, then why not consider Paris or Rome? It was Paris and Rome who gave European civilization a breath of fresh air, bringing new life and breath to a dying and crippled continent. In many ways, Paris is the center of France. Paris dates back around two thousand years, and one of its most fascinating aspects is the curious fusion of old and new. At Notre dame, it adorns the antique Grand Cathedral, but it also exhibits the intellect and marvel of science in the form of the Eiffel Tower. Designed by Alexander Gustoff, it seems to kiss the sky and represents France’s advances in science, technology, and engineering. In the museum of Paris, we can find examples of how art and beauty are combined. The wall of this museum hall is adorned with the ‘monolisa’ painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Rome, “the Mistress of the World”, the three thousand years old “eternal city”, reflects the glory of Augustus and Julius and embodies the creativity of Angelo and Dante. With a chisel on stone or a brush on canvas, Rome’s history is written rather than with a pen on a page. In Rome, there are two superb monuments depicting both the spirit and the strength of the city: The Coliseum and St. Peter’s Cathedral. We experience indescribable emotions when we see all this. All history can be summed up in that.

The Sculptural Beauty of Ajanta & Ellora     

Have you ever heard of a poem carved into stone? That is what the sculptures at Ajanta and Ellora make clear for us. These caves are located in Ajanta, India. It displays paintings and sculptures that are heavily influenced by Buddhist philosophy and the teachings of Buddha. These caves are decorated with several Jataka tales and pieces representing different episodes from Gautam Buddha’s life. Known as the oldest cave in the country, the Ajanta Caves are a group of thirty rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century BC. These Buddhist monuments have been a part of Indian art for centuries due to their murals, paintings, and sculptures. Our ancestors’ paintings, which date back centuries, are inspirations for today’s Indian art. They tell the story of our ancestors’ lives. Art and history lovers should not miss the Ajanta Caves. We receive unimaginable experiences, insights, and knowledge on every journey.  The Ellora Caves, which can be found a short distance from Ajanta Caves, are also rock-cut caves. It takes approximately two hours and fifteen minutes to drive between the two caves by road. There are 100 caves at Ellora, 34 are open to the public, and cave number 16 is the largest monolithic rock excavation anywhere in the world, not just in India. In fact, the cave houses an actual temple dedicated to Shiva.

To the Greenery of Nature

Our environment, from rivers and hills to lush green fields and forests, is an inspiration not just for poets and artists but also for us. Beautiful green scenic spots are not just a visual delight, but also a pleasure for the mind. There is some evidence that the color green may relax us because our eyes are at their peak for capturing the wavelengths associated with the color. There are many powerful emotions associated with the color green. Nature’s dominant color, green symbolizes growth. It evokes feelings of peace and tranquility and is associated with happiness and health. Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakam, Vagamon, and Wayanad surprise us with their outstanding natural beauty. Spending time outside is good for mental health, according to studies. There is a link between spending time in the natural environment and mental health. Physical and mental well-being are enhanced by fresh air.

Education is Enriched by Excursions

It is essential that school excursions are included in the curriculum. All students should have access to it. Excursions should not be only for students with money, but for everyone. Every child has the right to excursions, just as they have the right to textbooks and uniforms. Students benefit from excursions as another source of education. A trip is an additional education for the students as it provides them with knowledge about the places of interest in their locality as well as neighboring states and even countries. Educational excursions to historical sites, popular tourist sites, and places of cultural importance are highly beneficial. In addition to the educational value, school excursions are the opportunity to participate in interactive sessions during these trips. By taking excursions, students can better comprehend and retain concepts and enhance their learning. Additionally, they encourage engagement, build confidence, and create connections. Schools should include excursions in their curriculum.  An actual visit to a historical or cultural site enhances our knowledge of it. It is for this reason that excursions play an important role in the educational system. Even students these days take on-the-spot trips abroad for an in-depth look at a nation’s culture and lifestyle that differs drastically from their own. An excursion can make even an unenthusiastic, listless student enthusiastic and mix with schoolmates. Getting out of the classroom can be fun and exciting even for teachers. Educational tours offer many opportunities for students to collaborate. Teachers can facilitate group work, negotiate roles, and assign tasks in order to enable students to work in groups. Organizing outdoor activities like excursions is vital to everyone, but especially to students.

There is Fun, Adventure, and Escapism in Excursion

 An excursion is the feeling of being out of one’s comfort zone, surrounded by unknown individuals in a strange setting. Fun, adventure, and escapism characterize the excursion. It is a welcome change from everyday life. Excursions benefit everyone in many different ways. There are several ways in which everyone benefits from the excursion. By adding new experiences to our lives, excursions ensure that we feel better on the inside and out. The benefits of excursions extend beyond the simple enjoyment and memories they bring. Exploring the outdoors on excursions can increase our higher-order cognitive abilities in multiple ways. Our brains work better when we travel, and the mental boost we get from an excursion can even outweigh the physical benefits. An excursion is believed to let us take a break and resolve any issues we may have. An excursion is regarded as having some magical effect that enhances life or makes it worthwhile. No doubt, excursions are necessary. When we think about the role excursions play in our daily lives, there is another factor we need to keep in mind. Most of us understand what an excursion is, but there are a few who don’t fulfill it.  Most of these people are unable to travel to their own districts or even visit their own panchayats. It is important to remember that they are also part of our society.

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