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Developing life coping skills for a successful life

Developing life coping skills for a successful life

“I don’t want to continue this life anymore. No one is responsible for my death.” These are the lines from the suicide note of a famous actress. Why did the young actress end her life despite her wealth, beauty, health, status, and fan base? No one knows anything about it. This is just an example. Looking at life, many people are helpless, not knowing what to do next, how to live, and who to rely on. There are many people who are defeated by life and take refuge in suicide. Farmers, bank officials, doctors, teachers, government officials, police officers, common people, workers, and the list goes on. There are people who commit suicide because of hunger, debt, and poverty. But we are shocked when we hear that officials holding high positions have committed suicide. All of them entered such a profession after passing many exams and interviews. Yet they failed the test or exam of life. It is not because of a lack of intelligence or lack of knowledge. This is where the importance of developing life coping skills comes into play. Developing life coping skills is a must for a successful life.

What drove a friend, family member, or celebrity to commit suicide may not be clear to others. There are many things that lead a person to commit suicide. Sadness, shame, fear, isolation, worthlessness, guilt, feeling like a burden to others, and many other reasons. Sometimes any of these things lead them to commit suicide. Sometimes there are many factors. Many factors can make a person commit suicide, but the most common, according to psychologists, is severe depression. Depression can cause great emotional pain and loss of hope for all kinds of people. People suffering from severe depression may not think of any other option but to end their own life. What is the reason? We have never learned an art called life coping skills from nowhere. Developing life coping skills is very important for a successful life.

The importance of life coping skills

We are discussing the importance of developing life-coping skills for a successful life. Most of the people are in big trouble right now. Debts, diseases, hunger, disappointment in love, financial obligations, natural disasters, and hundreds of many other problems. A global winter of discontent looms on the horizon. Many crises are brewing. Mutual trust is lost in all spheres of life. Those at the bottom of society are suffering more. Food shortages, economic depression, and infectious diseases are the only things to be seen everywhere. The epitome of evil in all spheres of life.  Everywhere we look, we see a lack of love and happiness. As a result, suicides are increasing.  Most of these score full marks for everything in the exam, A plus in all subjects, but many of us fail the life test. Why? Because we do not learn the art of life coping skills anywhere. It is a big flaw in our education and life. Many of those who score full marks in their school and college exams fail the test of life in some situations and are confused about what to do next. Let it go. Do they know how to treat others? A group of people who don’t know how to behave, don’t know how to live according to circumstances, don’t know how to face failures, don’t know how to overcome crises, and thus lose to life.

What do you mean by life coping skills?

We can’t answer in one word or sentence if you ask what these life coping skills are. That is a person may use many methods to cope with stressful situations. It will vary from person to person. Technically speaking, a life-coping skill is any healthy habit that reduces stress and enables a person to adapt and cope with any situation. Remember the most important thing while practicing the life coping skill is learning to love your body or more precisely love yourselves. Taking care of yourself and taking care of your body is very important. It’s important to love yourself. Even if no one else loves you or encourages you, love yourself, pat yourself on the back, and congratulate yourself on your achievements, even if it’s small. These are all part of life’s coping skills. We will get a lot of energy from this. We can call it positive self-talk. That is, motivate yourself. Even if you can’t do it anymore, don’t make a habit of negative self-talk under any circumstances. Emotional statements such as “nobody wants me”, “No matter what I do, it won’t be right”, “I’m worthless” and “my life is over” are all negative self-talk.

Developing life coping skills for a successful life

You don’t have to hand over the key to your happiness to anyone else. Don’t be the kind of person who crumbles as soon as others ignore you. Negligence is something we cannot tolerate at all. There are many types of neglect. If they ignore you without including you in their happiness, don’t bother them again. Understand that they don’t want your presence. Get away from being ignored. Life is the name of determination that I will go ahead even if there is no one. You have to be able to fail, accept failures and survive failures. This is what is to be learned in Life Coping Skills.

Another important thing is that you don’t always have to work hard for others. We see in our daily life that those who do so later meltdown thinking about it. Set aside some time each day for yourself to do positive things that make you happy, whatever that may be. Some like to listen to music, some like to sleep, some like to plant plants, and some like to eat their favorite food. There are some people who get peace of mind by visiting places. Your happiness is your responsibility. Don’t think that anyone else will make happiness and serve it to you. 

What have we learned so far?

Most of us start school life at the age of three or four. And we study till the age of twenty-one or twenty-five. Some even study after that. Don’t think that once you get the mark lists and certificate, that’s all. At least some of those who score high marks and grades fail the test of life. Why? Because we don’t learn any life coping skills.  Developing life coping skills is very important in life. It is very important for a successful life. The crises in life should be faced with life itself. For that life coping skills are a must. It should be practiced at an early age. Our children should be enabled to develop self-confidence and self-courage at an early age. This will increase their self-esteem and enable them to acquire and succeed at an early age and become aware of their strengths and weaknesses. These are all part of life’s coping skills. Life is not a movie or story to expect miracles like an old friend suddenly appearing and helping out with money. If a friend appears like that, isn’t there a limit to what a friend can do? Sometimes he or she can help by giving money. But is the problem of many of us only financial? There are many other problems that stress each of us.

Developing life coping skills for a successful life

There are still many things to learn to pass the test of life. Then you will understand that what you have learned so far is nothing. Life has its own struggling period. That period has to be faced with equanimity. It is a life-coping skill. Life’s struggles make us strong. Defeats, rejections, and setbacks in life take time to change. All these wounds take time to heal. You have to wait patiently, the wound will not heal due to impatience, it has a time span. There is also another thing to understand. No one will come to save you. Your life is yours. One hundred percent responsibility is yours alone. No one wants us to be good. We must emerge anew from the flames that try to destroy us. Remember, no cloud stays for long. It either rains or goes away on its own. Remember that all our problems only last for so long. So never think of ending your life immediately if there is any problem. Have faith that the clouds of sadness will disappear and the sun’s rays of hope will be seen. 

The importance of life skills in coping with life’s challenges

We are discussing the importance of developing life-coping skills for a successful life. We need to remember that there are breakdowns, sorrows, wounds, and moments of weakness in everyone’s life. This is just part of life’s journey. Coping skills are essential in everyday life. The lesson that these sufferings teach us is that there is courage that comes from this furnace of suffering that should be the strength to endure the storms to come in the future. We have thought we are powerless to deal with many things before in our lives.  But have not been able to overcome them in time? We have survived many things that we thought we would not survive and we have gained strength from all of them. It doesn’t matter where we’ve been, or what we’ve fought to get here, it’s the lessons we’ve learned and the strength we’ve gained that should be the inspiration for the life ahead. Never give up hope. Don’t get discouraged by problems. Don’t think that you can live after learning what life is.  This life is not something that can be learned and lived. It can learn only through life. No one can predict what life has in store for us in the next moment. Anything could happen. Empower yourself to face all life’s challenges and resolve to live no matter what happens. Here comes the importance of life skills in coping with life’s challenges.

Learning how to cope with life’s challenges is essential

What we are talking about is the importance of developing life-coping skills. If you ask where this is taught, we have to learn these skills ourselves, in our life with our own life. If you think that you can live after studying life coping skills, you can’t.  Don’t think that you can please your bosses by working hard, satisfying your family members with money and savings, or winning friends with money and alcohol. Remember that these are not permanent. Don’t put aside your wishes and dreams for the good words and applause of others. You will only get disappointment. It’s good to recognize that the basic policy of many relationships is to “use and throw” them when they’re done. Don’t cry when you are thrown away. Being able to quietly withdraw when one’s role is over is also part of life’s coping skills.

There may be defeats, failures, and difficulties in life. That’s normal.  Failures are a part of life. We should be able to say that my failures are part of my life or part of my beauty. We should turn every failure into a stepping stone to success. Remember that failure is not the end of everything. Every failure should be considered an experience, a new experience. It is said that there is no better teacher than experience. Do you know why it is said so? Because every experience teaches us something. Every failure teaches us something new. These are all part of life’s coping skills. We are all familiar with the story of Robert Bruce who lost the battle seven times and then won. 

Sometimes we need someone to simply be there

We can only find people who truly love us when we go through sorrows. That is a truth. At least sometimes in life, we ​​may feel lonely. It’s not because we don’t have anyone. Even with parents, siblings, and friends, isolation can be overwhelming. There are some steps that must be taken alone. Only then can you really figure out who you are and where you need to go? It’s good to have someone to share your sorrows with, understand your sorrows with, share your problems with, cry shamelessly to, and take your burdens off of. In short, a shoulder to lean on. It can be friends or family members or even locals. Finding one like that is a bit difficult. Sometimes it may not be found. In that case, you will have to find the courage to walk alone.

We should come out of life with 1000 reasons to smile when life gives us 100 reasons to cry. It is important to learn from the past without regret, to move forward confidently in the present, and to prepare for the future without fear. we should keep the faith and drop the fear. We must rise from every downfall. Our lives never seem to turn out the way we want them to. There is no perfect life, but we can add perfect moments to it with our life coping skills. That is why it is said that life-coping skills play a crucial role in life. 

Man’s greatness is not in avoiding failure, but in overcoming it. In order to be great, one must rise above failure, not avoid it. Remember, rather than avoiding failure, man excels when he rises above it. There would always be hurdles and they would be many, but remember the wise saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” Swami Vivekananda rightly warned that if you do not encounter any problems in your journey, you are traveling the wrong path. To put it bluntly, if the journey of life is going very smoothly and is easy, it means that we are going downhill. Despite being broken into pieces, a mirror never loses its ability to reflect. We should be the same. We should always have the determination of a mirror, which reflects despite being broken into pieces.

Final thoughts

Suicide is not a solution to anything. There is only one life. It must be lived. Accept life as it unfolds. There will be difficulties, obstacles, isolation, and accusations. We should never lose hope, because another chance, another friend, a new love, a renewed strength may come our way. It is important to be persistent and to look for happiness every day. Mistakes happen on our part too. The purpose of life is to correct our mistakes as we go along. In order to achieve success, patience, persistence, and sweat are essential ingredients. These are the main lessons of life coping skills. This is how we should think and hope. “Everything we deserve is making its way to us”. Believe it firmly. And one more thing, there is no need to explain yourself and tell everyone everything you do because your life belongs to you, not to them. The importance of life skills in coping with life’s challenges is now evident. Right?

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