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tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days

Tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days

Kerala is a small state at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. When we hear the name Kerala, the images of coconut trees and paddy fields come to mind, right? Blessed with natural peaks, valleys, rivers, and backwaters, Kerala is no wonder called “God’s Own Country”. In the east, the Sahyaparvata ranges protect Kerala like a natural fortress. On the western side, the Arabian Sea roars happily. It can be said that there is no other area on this earth with such beautiful nature. Have you ever wondered why tourists flock to Kerala? What attracts tourists to this little Kerala is the greenery and the beauty of Kerala. If you want a short trip for a day or two, here are some tourist places to visit and chill out at a very low cost. When you hear about tourist places in Kerala for one or two days, you should not understand that you should stay there only for that number of days. It is okay to stay there for a week or two weeks.

Vacation is coming. A small trip with the family, like a little canoe floating in waves of joy…Or a cool trip with friends. Here we are going to introduce some beautiful tourist places that can be visited in one or two days. Not the famous tourist destinations that we always see and hear about, but rather, we introduce some lesser-known and beautiful places. What if we forgot all the quarrels and troubles, opened our hearts, and went on a little journey? Here are some tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days.

Ranipuram Hills

How about a two-day family trip to Kasarkod, which is also known as Sapta Bhasha Sangamabhoomi situated in the northern part of Kerala? When you hear Kasaragod, you think of Bekal Fort, right? You can walk around the fort, understand its history and glory, and then go straight to Pallikkara beach. Enjoyed the beauty of the beach, rode camels there, and ended the day. Don’t forget to eat in the meantime. Are you thinking about where to go the next day? You can go straight to Ranipuram without wasting any time. Ranipuram is one of the best tourist places in Kerala.

tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days

Ranipuram is a very beautiful and attractive place in the Kasaragod district of Kerala. Ranipuram, also known as the Ooty of Kerala, is situated on a hill near Panathady in the Kasaragod district. Ranipuram is literally a queen of grasslands. Abundant vegetation, green hills, cool breeze, and hilly areas are unique features of Ranipuram. It can be said that there is no better place to get to know and enjoy nature, free from noise. Situated at an altitude of about 750 meters above sea level in the Western Ghats, this verdant hill station is a paradise for trekkers. A trip to the little-known Ranipuram and the serene environment created by nature and the beautiful green hills will surely be a unique experience.

It takes about one and a half hours from Bekal to reach Ranipuram. But if you are leaving from Kanhangad, you don’t need that much time. Regular buses are available on this route.  Private vehicles are also available. Many jeeps are ready to take visitors to Ranipuram. The nearest railway station is Kanhangad. The nearest airport is Kannur International Airport. It is about 110 km distance. To reach the highest point of Ranipuram hills from the base, you have to walk about 3 km. Sometimes if you are lucky you can see the herd of elephants roaming around in their natural habitat. It is a beautiful sight. Another thing is to take enough water and food before starting to climb the hill. And another thing that needs to be mentioned about Ranipuram is the cleanliness here. Lush grasslands, dense evergreen forests, and cool breezes make Ranipuram Hills a favorite among nature lovers.

Kavvayi Island

The same beauty and charm of Kuttanadan Kayal (Backwaters). Even Alappuzha residents might wonder if this is Kainakari. But this is not Kuttanad. It is about the beautiful islands of Kavvayi which spread across the Kasaragod and Kannur districts. With the arrival of Kannur International Airport, there is no doubt that the Kavvayi backwater gained more pride and fame. Valiaparamba islands and pristine beaches make Kavvayi Kayal in Payyannur a tourist’s paradise. Kavvayi Kayal is the third largest backwater in Kerala as well as the longest backwater in North Malabar. Kavvayi, it’s not a new place. The town of Kavil or Kavil Pattanam, known today as the island of Kavvayi, was recorded in the travel writings of the scholar, traveler, and writer Marco Polo.

tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days

 If we look at history, we can understand that Kavil Pattanam was once a big trading center. It is only about four kilometers from Payyannur to Kavvayi. Kayaking fairs are conducted here under the leadership of the tourism department. If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Kavvayi backwater, just take a boat ride through the backwaters. Once you reach Kavvayi, the festivities begin. Kawai is a great place for kayaking and camping. Kayaking, water volleyball, beach trip, boat ride, mangrove forest visit, fishing, and many other activities are waiting for you at Kavvayi.

Can’t believe it? This place is a great tourist destination for nature lovers and relaxation seekers. The truth is that no matter how long you sit on the beach, you won’t feel like getting up. The beach is so clean and calm. If you are alone, you can build castles in your mind as well as sand castles. If you are with your family, you can see the laughter, joy, and shouts of children. If you are planning a small trip for a day this time why not select Kavvayi? It’s okay if you’re planning a two-day trip instead of just one day. Here you can find affordable resorts to your liking. Along with enjoying the beauty of the lake, you can also enjoy the food of the lake. A variety of fish dishes are being talked about. You will surely love the delicious and varied fish dishes cooked in Kerala’s unique style.

Nilambur Teak Museum

Have you heard of the teak tree?  The Teak is a tree that plays an important role in the construction of ships and boats.  Also, teak wood is widely used for making handicrafts, indoor and outdoor furniture, carvings, frames, etc. Teak is a wood that is very strong, as well as highly water-resistant, resistant to weather and pests. sometimes you may be doubtful that this is a class about the teak tree. Want to know more about teak history, cultivation, many uses, and care? Then don’t waste any time, why not visit the teak museum at Nilampur in the Malappuram district of Kerala?

tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days
Teak Museum

The Teak Museum is located on the campus of the Kerala Forest Research Institute Sub-Centre at Nilambur, Malappuram District, Kerala. Apart from the display of teak trunks of different thicknesses and ages, 50 naturally growing tree species and 136 endangered tree species of the Western Ghats have been planted here. Apart from that, the museum has a collection of over 300 butterflies and moths. Furthermore, there are around 58 species of birds in this area, both resident and migratory. Another special feature of this place is the wild orchids displayed in the museum.

This place is perfect for enjoying a day with the family. The garden adjacent to the museum is very beautiful, and you get a chance to learn more about the teak tree than anywhere else in the world. Another attraction in the museum is a huge stump of a 480-year-old teak tree brought from the Nagarampara forest range in the Kottayam division. Here you can see a traditional granary and a small version of a teak ship called ‘Uru’. Everything you need to know about the teak tree, i.e. history, morphology, cultivation, harvesting, timber, utilization, etc., is available at your fingertips through a teak information system (touch screen facility) in the museum. If you are looking for a tourist place for a day or two in Kerala, why not visit the Nilambur Teak Museum?

Vanaparvam Biodiversity Park

Children want to see the forest. City-born kids can’t be blamed if they feel the urge to visit some forest this vacation. But where to go? Don’t worry, there is a solution. The forest department has prepared an opportunity to see the forest without being afraid of wild animals and without traveling a long distance at Kakkavayal in Kozhikode district. Then there is nothing else to think about, this time the vacation trip is to Kozhikode. Kozhikode is a place of great historical importance. In ancient times as well as in medieval times, Kozhikode was a major trading center for spices. Kozhikode was known as the “city of spices”. A child studying in a school in Kerala must have faced a question at least once in their school life: Where did Vasco da Gama land in India for the first time? We all know the answer. Kozhikode is rich in green and serene beautiful countryside, parks, historical places, markets, delicious food items, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers and gardens, and many more.

tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days

What is Vanaparvam and what is there to see? Vanaparvam means a collection of forests. Now it is clear, right? As the name suggests, the main attraction here is the variety of trees. Many trees we have never seen or even heard of. We will definitely feel like we have reached a forest. Also, there are different types of medicinal plants here. While walking through the forest paths, there are name boards to identify each tree. Not only the name of the tree but the origin of the tree, its uses, and so on. The butterfly garden is another attraction here. There are more than three hundred types of butterflies in this butterfly garden. The interpretation center where children can sit and study and conduct a one-day camp is a unique feature of this place.

Another special feature of this park is the Nakshatra Vanam where the trees assigned to each birth star have been planted. The waterfalls flowing through the cliffs will warm the hearts of the visitors. No matter how long you look at the Pathipuzha waterfall, it is not enough. It’s so beautiful you won’t want to leave. Trekking through the forest is also possible. On forest paths shaded by wild trees, we have butterflies and birds as our guides. Vanaparvam, the bio-diversity park, is a must-see for nature lovers. There is no better place to spend a day enjoying the fresh air with your family. If you are going by bus, get off at Eangapuzha on the Kozhikode Wayanad route. From there it is two kilometers to Kakkavayal. Admission is open every day of the week from 9 am to 5 pm.

Chembra Peak

Are you looking for a tourist place in Kerala for a day or two? If so then Wayanad is waiting for you. Have you heard Wayanad? Wayanad is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. Famous for its wildlife and spice plantations, Wayanad is part of the forested region on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Green hills, outstanding natural beauty, and lush valleys make Wayanad a green paradise. Some people call Wayanad the ‘green paradise’ while others call Wayanad the Ooty of Kerala because of its beautiful places, scenic views, and cool climate. After hearing all this, you decided that the picnic this time is for Wayanad, right?

tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days
Chembra Peak

Are you someone who likes adventure? Do you like trekking? Then don’t waste any time and go to Chembra in Wayanad. Chembra is the highest peak in the Wayanad district. Situated at an altitude of about 2100 meters above sea level, Chembra Peak is a habitat for many rare species of flora and fauna. Before going on the trek to Chembra, prior permission is required. Guided tours with guides are also available. First-time goers are advised to go with the help of guides. Along with trekking, the history of Wayanad is also known.

It is better to start the trek early in the morning. Chembra is a peak that is beautiful as well as has managed to retain its pristine nature. The trekking to Chembra is definitely thrilling. The upward trek begins through the tea plantations. The beginning is not difficult. But after a while, it is not like that. But there are many beautiful sights along the way with waterfalls, lakes, and greenery to warm your mind and give you peace.  Kozhikode railway station is the nearest railway station to reach Wayanad to climb Chembra peak. The easiest i.e. cheapest way to go from Kozhikode station to Kalpetta is by bus via Kozhikode KSRTC terminal. Once you reach Kalpatta, it is only a 14-minute journey from there to Meppadi. Chembra is located about 10 km south of Meppadi town. Chempra peak can also be reached on foot from Meppadi.

Chettuva Backwater

Have you ever enjoyed the beauty of the backwaters where the mangroves and islands meet? It is also a favorite place for nature lovers and photographers. Also, enjoy the taste of fresh fish dishes. Are you ready? then let’s go for a nice trip to Chettuva.  Wondering where is this place called Chettuva? Chettuva Backwater is located between Engandiyur Panchayat and Kadapuram Panchayat in Thrissur District, Kerala. On the way from Thrissur to Guruvayur, Chettuva Kayal can be seen on the east side of the bridge after Vatanapally, close to the Arabian Sea.  

tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days
Chettuva Backwater

The largest mangrove forest in Kerala is in the middle of this Chettuva backwater. If you travel five kilometers on the Guruvayur route from Vatanapally, you will reach Engandiyur. There will be about two kilometers from the national highway to the Vettakorumakan boat landing. From there the boat journey starts. Full-day trips and half-day trips are available. A boat ride through the mangroves is definitely a unique experience. There are many things to do if you go early in the morning. One can enjoy the beauty and serenity of morning as much as possible. Then you can see the fishermen using nets to catch fish. If you want to know the taste of good fresh fish, you can buy fresh fish right away.

A journey through the tranquil backwaters will soothe your mind. Ayurvedic wellness treatments are also available. One-day island stay and return packages are also available. After the boat ride, there is still a lot to see and enjoy. Chetua Bungalow, Chetua Harbour, Azhimugam Beach, Chettuva Beach, and many more places to visit. The taste of fish and crab dishes here will never fade from your tongue and mind. Chettuva is an unforgettable place for food lovers. If you come once, you will want to come again and again. If you are planning a trip to Kerala for one or two days, you can go to Chettuva this time, right?

Kanjirapuzha Dam

How about going to Kerala for summer vacation this time? A short trip for a day or two? Are you thinking of where to go? How about going to Palakkad? Palakkad? Are you going to say how many times you have been there and seen Malampuzha Dam? There are other dams there. An even more beautiful dam awaits you at a distance of about thirty-five kilometers from Palakkad. That is Kanjirapuzha Dam. Kanjirapuzha dam and garden in Palakkad is a mesmerizingly beautiful area where nature pours out all its charms.

tourist places in Kerala for 1 or 2 days

Kanjirapuzha Dam is a larger dam than the Malampuzha dam. Kanjirapuzha Dam is located on Kanjirapuzha, a tributary of Thutapuzha. The dam has a catchment area of ​​7,000 hectares and is surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides. One of the main attractions of this place is the steep Vakkodan hills which seem to be a miracle created by nature. Here you can see country roads full of rural beauty, Vakkodan hill with a big rock on its head and the sky knocking on it, Kanjirapuzha dam, and a garden.

Entrance to Kanjirapuzha garden is from 10 am to 7 pm. There is a lot for children to enjoy in this garden. The park has swings, slides, and water fountains. This beautiful garden will captivate the hearts of children and adults alike. If you are traveling on the Palakkad Kozhikode route, you should get off at Chirakkalpadi. From there the road turns to Kanjirapuzha. Auto and taxis are available from Chirakkalpadi to Kanjirapuzha. Not only that Kanjirapuzha-Mannarkkad bus service is also available. If it is a two or three-day program, it is better to stay at Mannarkkad. Because Mannarkkad has more accommodation facilities than Kanjirapuzha. If you are looking for a tourist place in Kerala for one or two days, why not go to Kanjirapuzha Dam and garden?

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