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Dreams which should not let India sleep

There are those who dream while sleeping. There are some people who are awake and just daydreaming. There are people who strive to make their dreams come true. There are also dreams that do not allow us to sleep peacefully. Dreams come in many forms. Here we are going to discuss the dreams which should not let India sleep. India is witnessing many terrible events. can India sleep peacefully? If India wants to sleep peacefully, a lot of dreams have to be realized. According to someone, if you build castles in the air, your work will not be lost. It will remain where it belongs. Now put foundations under them. India has many dreams that will not let her sleep. A few of them are…

Corruption-free India

Corruption-free India has always been India’s dream. Will it remain a dream or will it become a reality? Let’s see what corruption is. An act of corruption is any dishonesty or unlawful act committed by someone in a position of authority in order to acquire illicit benefits or abuse power for one’s own benefit. Wherever we look, we see corruption and nepotism. Man can be corrupted by power, which is why we believe that even angels can be corrupted by absolute power. Many projects never get approved due to bureaucratic red tape and lengthy paperwork in government offices. The lack of permission can be cited as a reason for the increase in corruption. It is a fact that elections, which require candidates to raise huge sums of money, mostly come from business members, lead to corruption. Winning candidates often turn a blind eye to corrupt practices that their benefactors engage in. How can he bite the hand which feeds him in his time of need?

 What are the remedies against corruption?  Rather than allowing the law of the land to be overturned, it must first hold its course. The masses have an important role to play in this exercise. In a situation where inquiries against high-ranking public officials are suppressed and the law is shamelessly subverted, if democracy is to mean anything to us, then we must fight this injustice within the confines of the law. Literacy must be raised among the people in order to accomplish this.  Moral values should be reasserted in children as a remedy as well. This only occurs when the atmosphere in the house extols and upholds the virtues of honesty and hard work.

Dreams which should not let India sleep
Equal quality education for the rich and the poor
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Free and quality education for all

Illiteracy is among the most important challenges facing our country. Our nation faces numerous problems associated with illiteracy. The majority of the population lacks even the rudiments of education. Most of our people cannot read or write. They are illiterate. The most powerful mechanism for human advancement is education. Human rights to education include the right to free, compulsory education for all children. For our country’s future, providing free and compulsory education to every child will be a great move in the right direction.  As we examine the number of students entering schools and the number of dropouts, there is one major factor that deserves our attention. For dropouts, the most important steps to be taken include implementing a midday meal scheme and providing free books, uniforms, bags, and other study materials for those in need. Researchers have pointed out that out of the total number of students entering a school at the primary level, only about half make it to the higher secondary stage, with the rest dropping out at various levels.

Furthermore, we should stress that the state of the existing educational system is far from satisfactory in providing the youth of this country with proper training in citizenship and human values. Many do not get good education due to a lack of finances. Next, what is the condition of those who receive an education? Young women and men leaving educational institutions find themselves misfits in society.  It is also important to consider the subjects taught. We need to expand the scope of vocational education. A broader range of subjects should be included in vocational education.  Education should provide students with the ability to become independent and confident. Other subjects like tourism, arts, catering, crafts, technology, business management, etc. should also find a place at the university that offers opportunities for employment and self-employment, along with technical and professional subjects. Equal quality education for the rich and the poor. Will this dream come true? Wait and see.

Jobs for all

The unemployment rate in our country is one of the most serious problems we face at the moment. The state has totally failed on this front, according to educated people. The situation seems grim and grave among the educated people that we have. When we are confronted with this awful situation, all of our plans go out the window. As thousands of graduates and postgraduates come out of these compounds every year, the authorities are helpless to address this huge crisis. A job and an honorable way of life are on their minds. They desire to stand on their own feet. Is there a limit to how long they can live like parasites? Youth who are unemployed may become rebellious. This stupendous problem should be resolved by our government as soon as possible.

The lack of opportunities is not the only thing that keeps people from getting jobs. In addition to a lack of opportunities, there are other factors that inhibit employment.  In many companies and industrial houses, favoritism and nepotism hold sway. Many capable applicants are denied employment because of this.  Another defect of educated youth is their preference for white-collar jobs. More opportunities can be found if these are removed. There are not enough employment opportunities today. Many of our educated young people, brilliant in their fields of study, leave the country in search of employment elsewhere because of this issue. This giant of unemployment stares at us. If we don’t find an early solution, India will never sleep. This will mean the country will sink into darkness.  As a result, it may trigger a social revolution of great magnitude and obstruct the progress of the country.

Home for all

Decades after we gained our independence, thousands upon thousands of people still lack a home or any shelter at all. Not only urban areas are affected by this, but also rural areas. There are many people who live in villages without huts. The acuteness of the housing crisis is demonstrated by slums in rural and urban areas.  Salary-earning and wage-earning people are not that different in terms of their economic conditions.  Most middle-class people cannot afford to buy or build their own homes.  Due to their meager salary and the spiraling cost of living, they view it as a blessing if they are able to cover both ends. Since their income is barely sufficient for day-to-day needs, they cannot even think about buying a house.

Government must realize the severity of the problem and take corrective measures.  Government work must be complemented by industry. It is the duty of every industry to provide housing facilities for their employees. Housing facilities must be provided to employees in every sector. Rent for rented houses is often exorbitant for many people. A coordinated effort is needed from the Government, private agencies, and the public if India’s dream of housing for all is to be realized. Another problem is the lack of space. Vertical construction offers a solution to this problem. As a result, the problem is somewhat alleviated.  It is equally important to pay attention to the way in which houses and apartments are permitted to be built. Therefore, it is the government’s duty not only to provide housing facilities but also to ensure that the houses constructed are soundly built.

Dreams which should not let India sleep
An India where no one is hungry
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Food security and health care for all

Food security is a basic human right. Achieving food security depends on three key components: availability, accessibility, and utilization. There are many factors contributing to India’s declining food security.  Indian agriculture suffers from extremely low productivity, which threatens food security. Population growth is another very important factor contributing to the food problem. In addition to these factors, hoarders and black markets also cause artificial food shortages. Increasing production is the key to solving the food shortage. Food is not made by the farmer; he is merely a facilitator. Plants are the actual producers of food. For plants to produce food, it is necessary to understand their requirements and to supply them without restriction. Self-sustaining food production is the real solution to chronic food shortages.

Haven’t you heard that health is wealth? In order to have health, a disease-free state must be created. The importance of healthcare lies in the fact that it allows people to stay physically, mentally, and physically fit. As a result, it enables people to have a good quality of life and contribute to the community in a productive way.  There is still a long way to go before everyone enjoys high-quality healthcare. We have brought many diseases under control. It is estimated that Indians have almost eradicated diseases like smallpox, chicken pox, polio plague, and malaria since the last century. However, new diseases are catching us every day. The practice of treating only those with money should change. Everyone should be given the same treatment free of charge. The number of senior citizens is increasing. There should be plans in the budget to ensure their welfare and health and safety. Affordable treatment should be available to all. In this way, the health and safety of society can be ensured to a large extent. Will there ever be a time when everyone will have enough food, health, and free medical care? Or will it remain just a dream?

Dreams which should not let India sleep
Let an India without even a single beggar become a reality

A country without beggars

A country without beggars? Is that possible? There are beggars everywhere on the train, bus, and road. So many beggars, including children, bloated stomachs, emaciated, pitiful eyes, and shabby clothes. Just because there are beggars, begging mafias are spreading. There are people who abduct children and beg. The eradication of extreme poverty should be the priority in order to stop begging. In spite of the fact that many people take to begging because of poverty, the practice has become a serious issue.  For a living, beggars rely on begging.  Nobody wants to be a beggar. There is nothing worse than being a beggar. Yet there are so many beggars around us who lead a miserable life. In most cases, they do not have a house to live in. Although some of them reside in slum areas, many are denied access to them as well. As a result, they live on the footpath for the rest of their lives.

Just feeling sorry for them doesn’t matter. We should think about how to rehabilitate them and how give them a dignified way of life. The basic necessities of life must be provided for them, such as food and shelter, employing them, making sure their children receive an education, and telling them its importance, by emphasizing the importance of working, providing shelter for them is the first step. We need to help them in this way. For this serious issue to be resolved, we need to act quickly. Efforts should be made for the abolition of beggarly in any sane society. Let an India without even a single beggar become a reality. Let us hope that such dawn will rise for us.

Women’s safety

We don’t understand why the human race has progressed so much and science has grown so much and why women’s safety remains a dream. The truth is that we have failed to create a safe environment for women and girls. They were neglected in their families until recently as well as subjected to many social and religious restrictions.  Throughout history, women have faced discrimination on account of their gender in various fields. Sociological and cultural systems contribute to this inequity, as do the levels of consciousness from which attitudes spring. It is true, that as a result of various social reformers and movements, many inhuman customs and practices like child marriage, sati, purdah system, etc., have come to an end. It has been a significant improvement in the place and position of women in Indian society in recent years following the passage of numerous laws, including the Sharda Act, 1929, the Sati Abolition Act, 1829, the Hindu Widows Remarriage Act, 1961, the Equal Remuneration Act, 1976, and many others.

But this is only one side of the coin. Despite a plethora of women-upliftment schemes from the government and diversity of movements for women’s welfare, we still have a jaundiced perception of women. Women are frequently subjected to torturous treatment as a result of dowry deaths, suicides, and a host of other forms of violence. Workplace sexual exploitation of women is also often known. The practice of rape and molestation has become commonplace. The intimate members of the family harass, afflict, and even kill small damsels sexually. Will there be a change to this miserable situation? We must remember that there was a time when women were worshiped as Goddess and Shakti. Our society should have the attitude to respect all women and treat them as mothers.  We still need to do a lot to have a healthy attitude toward women. In the same way, women must also realize their strength and surge forward to achieve a peaceful and blissful state, and they must shed the prejudice that they were born to submit to male demands.

A country without terrorist attacks

The truth is that not a single day goes by without an attack of some kind in our country. There are always some problems anywhere. Terrorism threats should never be taken lightly. In the current context where religious fundamentalism and terrorism are wreaking havoc, common people are at a loss as to what to do. Only with new visions and secular associations can we meet this dire calamity. With the repeated bombings, terrorist attacks, and many others of this kind, we’ve had to seriously consider the ways in which we should respond. To address the basic reasons or sources of terrorist attacks, we need to ratchet up our efforts to find a lasting solution through political, economic, and socioeconomic means. We also need to come up with innovative ways to address these non-conventional threats to our nation’s security and integrity.

As long as the country is insecure, no one can be secure. We need to give it serious consideration by our national security apparatus. In addition to training and equipping our police and paramilitary forces with better incentives, we must also harness the services of such agencies as the National Cadet Corps and civil defense. Our ground infrastructure must also be improved to be able to detect and prevent terroristic threats to the lives and property of our citizens. Every important place and the crowded spot should be equipped with x-ray scan machines and closed-circuit cameras. Every citizen should be a soldier, and every place should be guarded and secured like a precious fortress.  We will soon be able to tackle the problem of terrorism in our country if we have the right policy leadership and the right mix of interventions. Let us hope that the dawn of peace and happiness is not far off.

Dreams which should not let India sleep
A lot of gold medals in any game. Let it be a reality
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50 gold medals in Olympics

Fifty gold medals? That too for the Olympics. Not kidding, seriously talking. It may be doubtful whether this is being said about India. There is nothing to doubt. Fifty gold medals are not a big problem for a country with such a vast population. Then why is the number of our medals decreasing so much? What is happening here? What ails Indian games and sports today?  Almost every field of activity has its ups and downs, and sports and games are no exception.  But a persistent cloud of failures in sports raises the question of whether they are caused by inherent or acquired defects. There is no fault if anyone points out glaring defects in almost all Indian sports events.  For administrative convenience, selection committee members were initially appointed zonally. This is how players, athletes, and officials are selected to represent the country abroad. Not after selection defects also need to be mentioned.

Coaching camps are routine matters, but a ‘method’ still does not exist. There are only a few weeks before an important tournament or event that these coaching camps are held. There is a great deal of discussion about physical conditioning and mental awareness at these camps. Some benefits may be gained from these camps. We are also plagued by the problem of seasonal preparation.  Athletes and players do not maintain fighting trim during their off-season. In our country, professional approaches are lacking. ‘Catch the young’ programs can be conducted regularly in every state with a well-conceived approach. There has been a lack of uniformity in performance in team games.  They are sometimes able to produce a rare victory at long intervals, just like the oasis in the desert.  But that doesn’t matter. There is something very lamentable about a country with millions of people not producing more fine athletes like PT Ushas, Milkha Singhs and Dyan Chands.

 Final thoughts

There are many problems that make India lose sleep and also many dreams that do not let India sleep. Only a few of them have been described above. There is much more like the dream of being an economically prosperous nation, healthy nation, scientific and technological development, child labor, eradication of poverty, communalism, racism, etc. Imagine that the whole world is one family and all are children of one mother. There should be good in the mind to think like that. Universal brotherhood and world unity will be the two principles of that family. Only this family can provide the base for permanent peace in the world. Then the kingdom of God will be created on earth. Then only India can sleep peacefully.

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