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Is forgetfulness (oblivion) a blessing?

Is forgetfulness (oblivion) a blessing?

Why do you say that oblivion is a blessing? Who does not know that forgetfulness is a disease? How many people are suffering from this disease? Isn’t forgetfulness really a curse? Now there are so many doubts registered in your mind right now, right? But in truth, oblivion is sometimes a blessing. Forgetting is definitely a blessing if some past event is constantly bothering your mind. Knowingly or unknowingly we are part of some problems. Now it is time to forget all that. Is forgetfulness (oblivion) a blessing?

When does forgetfulness become a blessing?

Forgetfulness is sometimes a blessing. Try to forget some things. Some things must be deliberately forgotten. Say goodbye to memories that lead to past bad experiences. If you ask if it is easy, the answer is no. A lot of incidents can happen in past, such pains as cheating from blood relations and friends, betrayal of trust, disappointment in love, and separation of loved ones, there are many past pains. Even when we pray that this will never happen again, even when we repeat that it will never happen to us again, most of us are pained by remembering what happened in a corner of our minds. All this should be forgotten. The more we try to forget them, the more vividly they appear before our mind’s eye. Now it is clear why forgetfulness is said to be a blessing. right?

Is forgetfulness (oblivion) a blessing?
Forgetfulness can affect people of any age

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What are the things we cannot forget?

There are certain memories we’ll never be able to forget or we won’t allow our minds to forget. The memories we make on purpose are what we cannot or will not forget. We can never forgive those who cheat us. Cheating is something that we cannot tolerate at all and it hurts a lot.  No matter how much we want to forget it, it will come to our minds with more clarity. Our lives may have been filled with people who hurt us and cheated us. But there is nothing more stupid than remembering all that. 

How to forget what we don’t need

  • Stay away from opportunities that lead to bad memories of the past.
  • There may be some memories that constantly haunt the mind, remember some good parts of it more.
  • Clear mind from time to time.
  • Control the mind that goes back to the past.
  • Practice meditation, yoga, etc., and make the mind more focused.
  • Try to turn negative experiences into positive ones.
  • If there is a place or situation that you once feared a lot, revisit it with a favorite person or friend.
  • Create new experiences and moments that move old memories from our minds or brain.
  • Our brain takes in a lot of things.
  • Everything that is needed and what is not needed stays there.
  • It is up to us to decide what remains of us.
  • We should learn to erase the bad things without erasing the good ones.

Why are we cheated?

Have you ever wondered why we are cheated? Those who cheated on us may have a reason. A reason that the cheated cannot understand. Both may have their own justifications. There will be people to stand by and justify both sides. Understand that cheating is a perversion of the human mind.  if we can understand it, we should not try to correct others but correct ourselves.  But how? Isn’t that the question that came to mind now? Be careful that we don’t give a second chance to the other person an opportunity to be a cheater. We were deceived because we allowed ourselves to be deceived. The reason for that is the excessive trust we place in some people.

It is somewhat difficult to understand what is in the minds of human beings. In our lives, we may have given a place in our minds to some people and it will be very difficult to accept it when it is damaged. We should be able to recognize those in front of us just as we know that fire burns when touched, chili is hot and sugar is sweet. The mind should be matured to distinguish between good and evil. It is only possible if we look at any event and any person from different angles.

Along with many other problems, forgetfulness is common as we age

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Something must be forgotten

Forget what needs to be forgotten and remember what needs to be remembered. If what is to be forgotten is sorrow, never try to remember it. If it is a pleasure to remember, never try to forget it. It would be good to get used to this kind of attitude. No one else can think for us. our attitude is in our control. The relevance of the views we see will be like our attitude. Any person can change his life drastically by changing his attitude if he is willing to do so.

Our mistakes will haunt us

Sometimes our mistakes will haunt us. This is also a pain that we want to forget. To make mistakes is human. In other words, one person’s mistake can be another person’s right. Do not bemoan that a mistake has been made. That mistake should be to make sure that such a mistake does not happen again.   It is a good sign if you are hurting over the mistakes you have made. Here to consider is the situation that led to the error. Some may be completely unexpected. But whatever happens, there is a reason for it. Identify what that reason was. The situation and people who caused the wrongdoing are worse than the situation where the wrong was done. Whatever misery or tragedy happens in life, it should not drag us down until the end of life, but it should lead us forward. If you want to move forward like that, you have to forget some things. Having the determination not to repeat the mistakes done and the openness to forgive those who have done them will be beneficial to a great extent.

Then what should be remembered?

Every experience is a lesson in life. What experiences each of us has had? Is it only sorrows? There are many happy experiences also. Some things must be remembered and others must be forgotten. We should learn to live by forgetting all the things that need to be forgotten and remembering the things that bring joy to the mind. What should be remembered is not the intensity of the pains of the past and the fear it brings, but our weaknesses that caused the pain. A firm pledge not to repeat the same mistakes should also be remembered. Forgetfulness is a blessing. Forget it, forget it somehow. Some things hurt the mind, and some things are unnecessary, just forget them. 

Don’t start your day with yesterday’s troubles. Avoid bringing yesterday’s sorrows into today. Every day is a new beginning.  There is a fresh start every day. We should consider every day we wake up as the first day of our lives. In our journey ahead, we should not look back at the pains on the way we came, but on the good things we got along the way, we should also remember those who caused it. If we are sad about the past now in the present, we will be sad again in the future. Because in the future this present will become our past.

When forgetfulness becomes a curse or misery

Forgetfulness is said to be a blessing but in reality, forgetfulness is a disease. Many people suffer from dementia. The elderly are not the only ones who suffer from this. Forgetfulness is a major health problem that many people face. This disease causes various problems in both children and adults. Children forget what they have learned for exams because of this. For others, forgetfulness causes distance even in relationships. Forgetting many things is a serious problem that bothers many people.

There are a variety of causes of forgetfulness, including stress, depression, lack of sleep, and thyroid disorders.  An unhealthy diet and side effects from certain medicines are also causes of forgetfulness. Sometimes not enough fluids in the body (dehydration) can also contribute to forgetfulness. Memory problems may be resolved by addressing these underlying causes. Make sure you get enough sleep each night, exercise a few minutes each day, and eat more green vegetables, fish, and nuts. Also, learn a new challenging activity. What foods can help prevent memory loss? Foods such as berries, fish, and leafy greens can help fight memory loss. It has been proven that they support and protect the health of the brain.

Is forgetfulness (oblivion) a blessing?
Exercise every day, sleep well, and eat healthy food

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There are many types of forgetfulness

There are many types and causes of forgetfulness. We need to understand what it is and fight against it. An important part of it is mental stress. When doing something under tension, often those actions may not be accurate, or even if done, many things are left out. Another reason why forgetfulness is often a problem is hormonal fluctuations. Along with many other problems, forgetfulness is common as we age. 40% of us will experience memory loss by age 65. But even if we suffer from memory loss, it is a blessing if we can live our daily life without interruption.  But sometimes we feel helpless, unable to remember anything, unable to understand people, unable to understand where we are going, and sometimes we even forget our own names. This is really a curse. Early forgetfulness is a very pitiful thing and they deserve a lot of pity. Is there a difference between normal, age-related forgetfulness and a serious memory problem? As we age, we tend to forget things occasionally, but serious memory problems make it difficult to do daily activities such as driving, using the phone, and finding your way around.

Children studying in school forget to take books, forget to do homework, and forget everything they studied for exams, these are the forgetfulness of childhood. It does not require special treatment. Be mentally and physically active. Exercise every day, sleep well, and eat healthy food. Exercising increases blood flow to the entire body, including the brain. Just like other skills, our memory can be improved with practice and healthy habits. Memory-improving games can be played. Experiments have shown that regular practice of word puzzles, memory games, and visual recognition tasks can improve memory.

Final thoughts

Life is a collection of many moments, some happy, some sad, and some unforgettable or heart-wrenching memories that follow. Every experience is a lesson in life. To remember some things and to forget some things. Always fill your mind with good thoughts and good memories. Forget everything that needs to be forgotten. Let’s pray that we never forget what we need to remember. Always keep this shortcut in mind. ALT + CTRL+DELETE. Alter your attitude, control your mind and delete painful memories.

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