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101 Trending Essay Topics 2023

101 Trending Essay Topics 2023

In this post 101 Trending Essay Topics 2023 we introduce some of your favorite, likable informative as well as trending essays. Generally speaking, an essay is a short formal piece of writing that describes the writer’s point of view or story. An essay usually deals with a single topic. When it comes to the structure of an essay, there are mainly three parts. First is an introduction that contains the topic and the statement about it. Next is a body that contains your in-depth analysis and arguments on that topic. Finally, the concluding paragraph. The conclusion paragraph does not mean the last paragraph. The conclusion summarizes the ideas of this topic. Likewise, the conclusion should have something that makes the reader act or think about it in his life. Hope these 101 trending essay topics will be useful for all of you.

101 Trending Essay Topics just for you

A Bad Workman Blames His Tools-Click here

A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle- Click here

A Friend in need is a friend indeed-Click here

Accept life as it unfolds-Click here

All that glitters is not gold-Click here

An hour at a railway platformClick here

An Ideal TeacherClick here

As you sow so shall you reap-Click here

Autobiography of a caged tigerClick here

Autobiography of a newspaperClick here

Autobiography of an umbrellaClick here

Back to school after a long break-Click here

Brave women who were part of the freedom struggle-Click here

Care of aging parentsClick here

Changes After COVID-19 -Several Thoughts-Click here

Christmas-festival of love-Click here

Climate change-Click here

Creative things to do on vacationClick here

Discipline is a valuable quality-Click here

Divorce is not a mistake or crime-Click here

Dreams which should not let India sleep-Click here

Droupadi Murmu-15th president of India-Click here

Drug addiction in students-Click here

Drug addiction-problems and solutions-Click here

East or West Home is the BestClick here

Everything about Agneepath schemeClick here

Everything about ChristmasClick here

Everything about Covid 19Click here

Everything about Saint AlphonsaClick here

Exam fear in students-Click here

Excursions are necessary or not-Click here

Expensive medicines not available in medical shops-Click here

Farmer– guardian of the crops and harvest-Click here

Feminization of agricultureClick here

Festivals– an important part of the culture-Click here

FIFA world cup 2022 Qatar-Click here

Five great scientistsClick here

Five Useful Trees to Plant Near Houses in India-Click here

Forgetfulness a blessing or not-Click here

Games and screen addiction in children-Click here

Gender-neutral uniform -advantages, and disadvantages-Click here

Global warming a warning-Click here

Good food good healthClick here

He who follows two Hares catches neither-Click here

Helen KellerClick here

Hobbies– relief from stress-Click here

How to select a wise leaderClick here

Impact of poverty on educationClick here

Impact of superstition on society-Click here

Importance of excursionsClick here

Importance of physical exerciseClick here

Indian Dance Forms Explained-Click here

Learning to love your bodyClick here

Let communalism perishClick here

Let us learnClick here

Life’s struggles make us strong-Click here

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing-Click here

Lovely EssaysClick here

Mahatma Gandhi– a great leader-Click here

Make hay while the sun shines-Click here

Medicines from the kitchen-Click here

Mother TeresaClick here

My Dream HouseClick here

My friendship with AnimalsClick here

My Idea of a Happy LifeClick here

Natural disasters: nature’s revenge-Click here

No man is an IslandClick here

Old age problems and solutions-Click here

Omicron precautions: do’s and don’ts-Click here

Online Learning– Pleasures and Pressures-Click here

Qualities of a good leaderClick here

Reading day celebrationClick here

Renaissance heroes of KeralaClick here

Saint DevasahayamClick here

Seven great golden rules of life-Click here

Sex education in schools- necessary or not-Click here

Should plastic be banned? –Click here

Social media has made us less socialClick here

Success comes to those who take risksClick here

The first time I went up on stageClick here

The Lion and the rabbitClick here

The modern attitude to dowryClick here

There is no time like the presentClick here

This year’s Christmas messageClick here

Three Farm LawsClick here

Three things to remember in life-Click here

Trees are green goldClick here

Various thoughts on valentine’s dayClick here

War is the greatest crime of allClick here

Waste Disposal and treatment-Click here

Water crisisClick here

Water pollution: causes and prevention-Click here

We should mind our languageClick here

Welcome to the new school yearClick here

Well begun is half doneClick here

When the home becomes a school and an office-Click here

Woman empowermentClick here

Women’s health importance-Click here

Work is worshipClick here

World famous poetsClick here

Your limitation, it’s only your imaginationClick here

Although the title is 101 Trending Essay Topics 2023, there are more than just essays in it. It has essays, short essays, outline stories, quiz, paragraphs, proverbs explained, about important personalities, and so on. Hope you all like this.

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